WP EasyClone : Review

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Are you concerned about the security of your website?

What if one day you woke up , opened your website and saw that everything has been deleted?

What if WordPress automatically updates and is no longer compatible with your theme?

Damn ! This thought scares me so much !

Well then what should you do?

I have just the product for you !

What is WP EasyClone ?

WP EasyClone is a tool that allows you to:

-Automatically back up websites on an hourly, daily, monthly basis.
-Rapidly clone WordPress websites while maintaining everything on websites including images, content, text, themes, plugins, and comments.
-Quickly transfer your website into new hosts and domain.

Here are the pros :

  1. Clone everything on your website including posts, pages, themes, content, comments, and so much more.

  2. Use WP EasyClone to back up your website content and create similar websites.

  3. Newbie friendly, and it takes only minutes to clone websites. No matter how large your website is, WP EasyClone can cover it all

  4. Comes with agency rights which you can use to make money from your clients.

  5. Clone affiliate websites to resell to your clients.

  6. Set up auto-backup for your website on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. That is totally up to you. It makes sure you can always maintain your database website without worrying too much.

  7. Make money online by offering services on freelance platforms. Yes ! You can do that too !
    SO does it work?

Ladies and gentlemen It is just a one click software and I have to tell you it does work .

They deliver on everything that they promise . It’s intuitive and really useful .
Wanna watch a demo ? Go here >> https://bit.ly/2TykyEE <<

So what are you waiting for ?
GO buy at : >> https://bit.ly/2NUYaPn <<

Thanks for reading my review !

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