CYPHER GEMS!! 白蚁. 'Rounds 65-80 of the Cypher Jam!!!' 白蚁.

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The Worldwide Cypher Jam has now whirlwinded through 80 rounds!!!!!!!
I never thought when I started this, it would fly so far!!!! Nuff respect to my extended Cypher Jam crypto crew!!!!!


Fuck the monopoly and gradual censorship of true expression through music on the internet!! The seed has already been planted!!
It is your world and it is your internet!!!!!!

So, the winning Cyphers from rounds 65 to 80!!! ... Season 5 if you want!!!
These are decided each week by hiphop heads outside of steemit. I do this to let people know how we do ON steemit! ... AND WE SMASH IT!!!! Shouts to everyone!! This is the realness!!!! 白蚁.


Round 65: @tygertyger

Round 66: @burningzeal16

Round 68: @burningzeal16

Round 69: @onemedia

Round 70: @elisonr13

Round 71: @tygertyger

Round 72: @scribblingwilly

Round 73: @redsfallin

Round 74: @scribblingwilly

Round 76: @venom1987

Round 77: @scribblingwilly

Round 78: @djslurk

Round 79: @kenentertainment

Round 80: @scribblingwilly

... and @djslurk


Rounds 49-64
Rounds 33-48
Rounds 17-32:
Rounds 1-16:


Thanks to everyone who has jammed with me so far, because without you, this does not work!!! (lemme kno if I missed anyone!): Big up @kenentertainment @scribblingwilly @tygertyger @onemedia @burningzeal16 @privat @vandigital @boycharlieplays @wolfnworbeikood @hostioso @jamesgetsit @talea.monet @voyceatlas @alao @scottychams @elbrujo @redsfallin @elisonr13 @d-vine @elderson @venom1987 @edprivat @verbal-d @benja @vachemorte @seveaux @bryandivisions @enginewitty @djslurk @loganhate @paulmoon410 @jtulip @geechidan @thedruid @purapapita @yakuhi @riggsyfort @orbital753 @fresheiremusic @omegarift @mickeymic @yusaymon @bsusushba @positivity420 @jaguarpawmu @knablinz @base33 @themillionthings @hhtb @phorecite @basilmarples @low-profile @bucho @thomasduder @kopusmellini and everyone who has supported this directly or indirectly!! I will keep making beats, and keep posting them! ... At risk of sounding cliché, I do this for the music, not to make money! crypto or otherwise!!!



The beats for The Cypher Jam are unlisted videos. They are only available with Steemit. You can see them all however via this secret unlisted playlist link:


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Dopeness man! Cheers to another 80

Big up bruv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoop, whoop, YOU ROCK @termitemusic!!
Thank you for being you, continuously being rad ( you wouldn't know any diff anyhow <3 ), for being so dedicated to music & this community!!
Happy 80 Episodes & to many, many, many, many more <3

BIG UP, much respect, love & huggins <3 <3 <3

BIG UP D-VINE!!!!!!!
Nuff love back at ya!!!

I'm thinking about getting back on these and putting them on Choon... What you think?

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All good bro!! As long as you credit -'beat by TERMITE' and 50/50 split we more than good!!

That's the plan. Maybe even on Musicoin. We'll see. Got a new computer in route and going to try and do a podcast also.

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dope!! how you thinking of doing a podcast man? discord?

Recording it and dropping it on Spotify... Musicoin... and Choon

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keep me updated man!!

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