Argentines want to see Messi's retirement !

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Lionel Messi failed once more on the World Cup stage. Once again, the Argentinians drowned in the frustration. The team reached the finals in the 2014 World Cup, but this time the situation is absolutely hopeless. Only 1 point in two matches, the possibility of being dropped from the group post Messi is the reason for the consequence? Whether or not Messi is guilty, Argentine jersey does not want to see Messi in the team, many of the country!

After annihilating the tiebreaker with Chile in the 2016 Copa América final, he announced his retirement in frustration. But he could not hold that hint. The President himself requested Messi to return. But this time but the incident is quite the opposite. Now everybody wants Messi to retire immediately after the World Cup.

After losing 3-0 against Croatia yesterday, the Argentine's second round was not going to be any longer, now it is entirely dependent on other teams in the group. Argentina were dropped from the last group stage in 2002. Although Argentina's top-serve was the best choice in the selection, After 2002, Sunni has taken the Argentine state. Now Messi has to eat nakani-chobani for the qualification round. So the group is also like that?

After the match against Croatia, the Argentine fans are so good. The country's most popular journalists have been completely washed away by the Argentine team. Lionel Messi is the most aggressive batsman in the world. why not? Messi shot on the Croatian post in the whole match, only one! Messi's name is more incompatible with the name. Not only that he was not only dull in the match of the match, but the Argentine's goal was to get rid of the guaranteed victory in the first match against Iceland.

The Argentinians, on the jersey of the country, are not able to tolerate such mistakes. So Argentina's experienced journalist Fernando Liemro has said, "Messi plays Messi on Barcelona's jersey, his hooks do not play on Argentine jerseys. Messi should now retire There is nothing more to give to his country. '

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Messi is a prof footballer when it comes to applying football techniques, the problem is that most of his team in Argentina don't really understand his style. They are just wasting his effort after the whole stress to give them pass but some couldn't score. I think Messi is still one of the best players the world will never forget 😁🙌

He is fighting still now with his team mate.. Hopefully it is his last fifa world cup.

Lol... That's absurd... I always see am as a gentle person. I guess the fight developed because they never knew the value of his skills and effort to bring success to the team.

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