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Only one third of the world cup has been played and this is already starting to be a success, the simplest steemit results predict contest with which you can win many prizes in SBD without any investment. Did you know that there are 104 successful results distributed among 76 different users? Discover which are the next prizes for which you could be participating in this group phase.

For the eliminatory phases (Eighth, Quarter, Semi and Final) we will have many more surprises with great prizes to distribute.

How To Participate and Rules

1. The dynamics are extremely simple, go to the account of @jmhb85 and there you will find the matches available.

2. Choose the matchs or enter to all, just have to predict and write the result of the game in the comments. For example: Peru 1-1 Denmark

3. Only one result per user is allowed.

4. 15 minutes before each game no more predictions will be taken into account.

5. You Follow the accounts: @steem-bounty, @knircky and @jmhb85.

6. No votes are allowed in the comments. (this will lead to down-votes)

7. If an abuse of the rewards system @steem-bounty is detected, the user will be sent to the blacklist and will not receive more rewards. 

Rewards: Over 200 SBD

@jmhb85 was so kind an sponsor every game with 1 SBD for a total price pool of 64 SBD, since there are just that many games. @steem-bounty will add additional bounty funds of at least 150 SBD during the course of the tournament.

1. The reward of this publication will be reflected in the comments through the @steem-bounty account.

2. The reward will be given through votes from the creator of the reward.

3. Some publications have extra bonuses in the award, discover them. 

Are you ready?

Support our witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:

And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!  

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Love Fans ^^ <3 Good luck all

Excelente! Trataré de participar! Acabo de elegirlos como testigos =D


Super nice of you to host such an big and amazing contest

Bring it on, lets play. good scheme

Thanks for doing this guys - it adds a bit of excitement to the games. I should have won my first match today, how long can I expect to wait? :)

You got a 54.17% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @steem-bounty!

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Thank for the contest we will always with u guys @steem-bunty

And I love this game and this contest, Thank you

Diese Herausforderung hat mir mehr Spaß in die WM gebracht. Vielen Dank an @steem-bounty & @jmhb85, Super freundlich Ihrerseits, um einen so tollen und tollen Wettbewerb zu organisieren. Danke, dass Sie diese Jungs gemacht haben - fügen Sie den Spielen etwas Aufregung hinzu


Playing only 22 people on the field, but there is tension in the whole world.Four years later, the world looks eagerly interested, to all the favorite favorite footballers.And their best aesthetic to all teams.

And in this excitement, this fun and funny game of yours is very exciting.
nice work...
great @contest
love @steem-bounty @prediction game

My prediction is right on the nigeria vs Iceland match.
I won with my 2-0 prediction
Below is d link 2 my prediction
Please how do i get the prize??


Excuse me @gabowisdy, but the votes of that party had not yet been assigned. You can see them, congratulations for the success. I hope you continue participating.


All right. Thank you

This challenge has brought fun the more into the world cup for me. Thanks to @steem-bounty & @jmhb85 (for sponsoring in a large way).

Let me bring this to your attention: a user named @lec keeps upvoting the comments of the challenge participants including myself, does he or she do that officially, since upvoted comments will be disqualified?

I don't understand how yo play this contest