Prediction: England VS Croatia Semifinal World Cup 2018

in worldcup •  5 months ago

After talk about France in the final here. 

I think semifinal match between England VS Croatia will be won by.....England. Here are some of the reason, England will win, at least in my opinion.

Croatia has many injured players 

After great and really tough match against Russia in Quarterfinal, few main players of Croatia have some kind of exhaustion or injury. First, the goalkeeper  Danijel Subasic who was the main hero against Russia penalty is reported will not play against England because of the hamstring injury. Although still not very harmful, if he push himself too hard that hamstring will be very dangerous for his career in the long run. Subasic even could not do the goalkick when facing Russia. The central defender Dejan Lovren and right-back Sime Vrsaljko also doubt to play against England. This will be hard for Croatia defenses against fast players such as Harry Kane or Sterling.


I can't believe it at first, because usually England in previous 4 World Cup ALWAYS lose even before the Semifinal. But, today The Three Lions is at the peak of their performance after World Cup 1990 Semifinal, when Gazza's Tear inspired England to always lose in Group Phase or Quarterfinal (LOL). 

But, today the England squad or should I said Mini-Tottenham is full of great potential. Gareth Southgate who always be remembered as a failure in Euro 1996 Final, now starting to find his gloriness. He has really good strategy and his players are very discipline in the field. And for GOD SAKE, England also finally broke the penalty curse, so that is one plus point for Gareth. And mentally, England players are in top shape and sane condition so let's hope they won't make stupid mistakes like usually happen when facing tough opposition in knockout phase.

If England plays this great football against wounded Croatia, there will be no doubt for me, England will win with maybe 2-1. But, Croatia will not easily give up and will give England really tough fight! 

Is football coming home? England hope so.

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