France Deserves to Be The World Cup 2018 Champion! (France VS Belgium)

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After saw the France performance in Semifinal against Belgium, I proclaim here in Steemit:


They played really great and beautiful game as a whole team. Belgium also played really well, but France defenses especially Lloris was really at top of his game as a world class goalkeeper. All threats from Belgium players neutralized with superb saved and strong defenses. Mbappe, played really well as both striker and playmaker. Although they only won 1-0, but France showed their quality as dangerous attacking force, if not for  Thibaut Courtois brilliance under Belgium's goal post, France will score more goals. 

Btw, Courtois still doesn't happy his team lose, lol

Now, France will face either Croatia or England in the final. France will be the favorites beside England now, and hopefully they can still perform without any burden like always in the final. If they face England, France will have to be careful with the fast pace of English attackers such as Harry Kane or Sterling. England also really have a good goal chance from set pieces, so France have to be careful when tackling the England player near the penalty box. If France face Croatia, in paper the fighting will be much easier, but please don't underestimate Croatia. They have superb midfielders and defenders. In the mid, they have Modric and Perisic as the main anchor of and the first line of attack or defense. 

Modric is having his time in this World Cup, he always plays to the fullest every game without losing any sign of tired. His stamina and abilities to create chaos in enemy defense should be watch by France. In front, although Mandzukic showed some kind of injury when facing Russia, but I think he will be the main line up when facing England today. His injury will become problem if Croatia win against England. Because Mandzukic is one of the most prolific striker in this World Cup. Although, he only creates one goal so far, but his role in opening enemy defens with Modric is very important. 

So, still no easy way for France, but I hope they win this World Cup.

Viva La France!

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Yep they have been excellent and deserve to win. They will win

Well, as I'm from England I want England to win. The whole of England will be watching the final and singing it's coming home...


it will be great final, if France meet England! I hope that is the scenario