Smokaya-ash from Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia stopped staying in Indonesia

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Bali airport was closed yesterday due to the smoke and ash from Mount Agung volcano of Bali in Indonesia. This caused many people to face the problem. Local people have been taken to safer places. More than 300 people have been taken to different places. Even last year there was an activity in the volcano, after which thousands of people were sent to safer places, but after this they got quiet. Before this, there was a big explosion in 1963 in which 1100 people were killed in this volcano. Let us know that there are more than 400 volcanoes in Indonesia. Of which at least 127 are active and 65 are in the category of fatal.

It is significant that in the beginning of this month there was a horrific explosion in the Volcano de Fugo volcano in Guatemala. The number of people killed in this calamity reached 65. Disaster Relief Agency spokesman David de Lion told a press conference that after a few hours of looking for the victims, the number of the dead had increased to at least 65. In the incident 46 people have been injured, most of whom are in critical condition. More than 17 lakh people were affected by this disaster and 3,271 people were asked to go to safer places. Explain that the 3,763-meter high volcano was exploded due to which there was cloud of ash in the surrounding areas.

Credit --- The Washington post

On the other hand, only one month ago, one of the world's most active volcanoes, the Chilean volcano erupted in the Hawaiian Islands. There were earthquake shocks twice after one, after which the volcano erupted. About 1700 people had to be displaced here. After the volcano burst, there was a crack in the streets in some places in the area. This earthquake intensity has been 6.9. There has been a fresh eruption in the volcano since this earthquake has created a threat to the people living near it.


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