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If we talk about fastest internet connection then we think that it can be 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps...etc. So you might be thinking who has the fastest internet and what is the speed. So in the past,​ the answer was NASA as it was having the world fastest internet speed that was about 91Gbps. But now Microsoft and facebook just laid a 160tbps(tera-bytes-per-seconds) cables around 4100 miles between Virginia and the city of Bilbao in Spain. The 160tbps is equivalent of streaming 71 million HD videos at the same time, and 16 million times faster than an average home internet connection.

The cable which is laid is called Marea which is Spanish for ''tide'', which lies 1700 feet below the ocean.


From start to finish it took around two years to complete it. The cable is the standard cable but a question comes to mind how is it possible and how it can manage such a speed, so the answer is, this cable is made by combining fibres of different frequency with different wavelength, and in between amplifier is placed to protect the signal from getting degrade, because of these at such a distance also we get this much amount of speed about 160tbps.

An amazing thing about the cable is that, it is different from other​ cables​ ​, in such a​ way that if a natural​ calamity occurs such as hurricane and due to this some cables get damaged than also it will serve as a backbone and due to this connection will be maintain. As all we know that the our internet backbone is all the cables which is laid in oceans which is connecting one continent to other continent or one country to other country, so sometimes it may happens that the cables get damaged so internet outage can happens, so the solution for this problem is this cable(i.e marea).

So in future there is chance that speed may increase than these if we used UV light in fibre optics cable because there frequency is more and due to this we can get more bandwidth or we can use such a material in which losses are minimum

So according to you what improvement should be done in internet speed so that we can get a ​better experience .

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