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England historic victory over Colombia has boosted their confidence in this world Cup. Colombia late equaliser lead to a penalty shootout which sent them off the world cup.

Spain lost the match against Russia by penalty which the hosters of the world cup are still in the game but we'll find out who stays and who goes when they play the next match with Croatia.

Best players are out of world Cup : Messi, Ronaldo...

Uruguay's key player Cavani who pushed them into qualification has an injury but He'll have to play for his country's match against France.

The big question for Uruguay is whether they can prevent defence and midfield being isolated with Kylian Mbappe - when his pace becomes decisive. They will believe they can score, but can they stop France as effectively as they have others?

Prediction: France 2-2Uruguay
Penalty shootout Uruguay wins

Brazil vs Belgium - Friday 6 July - 7pm kick-off
Neymar has sparked into life in recent games for Brazil 
Neymar has sparked into life in recent games for Brazil.
Both sides have looked competent against inferior opposition in the round of 16, but neither have looked the sum of their parts. Belgium should be much harder for Brazil to break down and they should also test them at the back much more than before.

Prediction:Belgium 1-2 Brazil after extra-time

Sweden vs England - Saturday 7 July - 3pm kick-off
Jesse Lingard will be England's key man against Sweden 
Jesse Lingard will be England's key man against Sweden CREDIT: AP
The Swedes had 36 per cent possession against Switzerland. They were solid, well-organised, dangerous from set-pieces and took their chance. England need to open them up early and they will have to match them physically. Key man will be Jesse Lingard. Although it is Harry Kane who gets the goals, it is Lingard’s movement that opens up difficult opponents by exploiting the space.

Prediction: England 2-0 Sweden

Russia vs Croatia - Saturday 7 July - 7pm kick-off
Luka Modric celebrates Croatia's penalty shoot-out win over Denmark 
Luka Modric celebrates Croatia's penalty shoot-out win over Denmark.
Hard to see Russia abandoning the approach that did for Spain. They will concede possession, sit deep and hope Croatia become exhausted trying to break them down. But Spain did not have a playmaker at the peak of his powers like Luka Modric, who has a case for being the best player at the tournament, even taking into account the missed penalty. Always finds a way..

Prediction: Croatia 2-1 Russia

Who could play who in the World Cup semi-finals?
Uruguay/France vs Brazil/Belgium - Tuesday 10 July, 7pm kick-off

Sweden/England vs Russia/Croatia -


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