Impressive number of Russian twist

in #workout2 years ago

My daughter asked to workout with me, we were doing abs, 3 sessions of 15 reps. During the last set of Russian twists, she did 200 reps like it was nothing. Not even tired!

#pt - Minha filha pediu para treinar comigo hoje, estávamos fazendo abdominais, 3 sets de 15 repetições. Durante o último set, ela fez 200 reps, com 10lb como se não fosse nada. Nem cansou.

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wow thats amazing Im going to try this for sure, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your support. Try to beat her number, but you gotta like her, with a smile on your face!

your daughter is extraordinary fitness

Thanks my dear! She is all about sports. She surfs, plays volleyball and soccer, and loves fishing! I don’t know from whom she got this from. Lol

Aí Sim! Parabéns a toda família pelo excelente hábito!

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

Wow she killed those Russian twists. Good job!

She just like to compete with me 😉

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