A shitty line cooks irrational hatred

in work •  2 years ago

I try to stay relaxed when im working no matter whats going on but there are a few thing that make me fucking mad and sometimes i get mad at the fact that mad at these little stupid thing that i definitely cant change the first thing im passionately angry about is the cobb salad i wish i was a more poetic person so i could put my feelings into better words im not sure if its cause everything has to go in a straight line or what but then i think a salad is getting me upset then i get mad that im mad at lettuce i hate watching the dishwashers try and use a broom its unreal to me how many people will try to sweep without touching the floor with the broom like they are afraid to break the bristles on a side note I asked for a broom yesterday and got handed a deck brush what the fuck is wrong with this world I cant stand when people stand by the window waiting for their tables food to come up as if standing there will make it appear faster or maybe ill finally do that back flip at the weve all been waiting for i wont maybe before the back surgery but for sure not now theres is definitely more but i dont feel like writing anymore

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Cheers!!! Keep spreading the love or hate!! :D

You rock!You will have better days.


Haha thanks!!