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So today’s my first day of ‘true’ self-employment, given that today is when I would be starting the 2018-19 term had I not quit my full-time teaching job this year. (I can’t really count the last 6 weeks of summer holiday, given that I would have had them off whether I’d quit or not.

Now that I’m formally self-employed I’ve decided to drive myself harder compared to how I was ‘driven’ by ‘the man’ during the last 16 years of working hell!

This is also something of a test to see how Partiko deals with formatting from a cut and paste from Word!

Work priorities…goals to achieve by the end of 2018….

Working on the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ philosophy, I’m going to focus most of my efforts into expanding and refining my main income sources: derived from producing A-level sociology resources. This means the following:

  1.  Maintain my main wordpress blog over at revisesociology.com – main

a. Put the entire A-level ‘sociology of religion’ syllabus onto my WP blog, with all posts properly tagged, linked, pictured etc (by December)

b. Do @ least 5 sociology of work posts and 5 ‘digital sociology/ sociology of media’ posts.

c. Produce @least two ‘in the news’ posts per week, and put @least 20 entries in my ‘news diary’ ready for 2019

d. Refine and improve my top 30 sociology posts and pages, and another 10 random posts that I like!

  1.  Maintain WP blog – long form

a. Summarise @ least 8 books, either in chapters or whole books

b. Write/ update @ least 4 overdue posts from my hench overdue to do list!

c. Produce @ least 4 funky infographics on sociology posts.

d. Do @ least 4 extremely ‘long form’ pop sociology posts.

  1.  Generate some new A-level teaching resources for sale and improve existing resources

a. Complete sociology of religion revision bundle – by January 2019

b. Refine sociology of education revision bundle

c. Teaching packs – 2* 10 lesson/ resources packs – by December 2019.

  1.  Get some online tuition on the go…. For revision by April 2019.

a. Set up a new blog ‘revisesociology.co.uk (done)

b. Develop some ‘teaching blog posts’

  1.  Re-start blogging ‘for myself’ on steemit.

a. Critique/ alternatives (Buddhist inspired)

b. Life-tracking

c. Weekly vlog/ blog

d. Sociology of steemit/ @steem-times.

My weekly work schedule for achieving these goals


  •      A.M. 1 = (1) religion posts/ news posts
  •      A.M. 2 = (3) refining A level resources for sale/ later: tuition
  •      P.M. 1 = (2) read a book/ long form posts and infographics


  •      A.M. 1 = (1) religion posts/ news posts
  •      A.M. 2 = (3) refining A level resources for sale/ later: tuition
  •      P.M. 1 = (2) read a book/ long form posts and infographics


  •      A.M. 1 = (1) religion posts/ news posts
  •      A.M. 2 = (3) refining A level resources for sale/ later: tuition/ maybe go OUT
  •      P.M. 1 = (2) read a book/ long form posts/ maybe go OUT


  •      A.M. 1 = (4) read a book/ long form posts  
  •      A.M. 2 = (4) read a book/ long form posts
  •      P.M. 1 = (5) steemit posts


  •      A.M. 1 = (4) catch up!
  •      A.M. 2 = (5) steemit posts
  •      P.M. 1 = (5) steemit posts

The daily schedule

Personally I think it’s quite civilized!

  •      5.00 - Wake Up, breakfast, meditate, run (Mon, Weds, Fri), chores (Tue, Thurs), ablutions.
  •      7.00 – walk to work.
  •      8.00 - Work session 1.
  •      10. 30 – Break.
  •      11.00 - Work session 2.
  •      13.30 – Lunch.
  •      14.00 - Work session 3.
  •      16.00 - Odds and sods.
  •      17.00 – walk home from work.
  •      18.00 – Dinner/ chillax/ watch T.V./ stretch.
  •      20.00 – Bed!

This gives me 8 hours solid ‘desk work’ which I think is pretty balanced, along with some nice breaks and physical activity.

What’s interesting is that I’ve only just about got enough time to be able to fully develop about one sixth of the A-level sociology syllabus over the next four months (I’ve got a pretty realistic) idea of how long these things take), IF I want to allow myself the time to develop some more ‘long form’ posting for my own interests.

2.5 hours (A.M. session 1) 3 mornings a week for four months should be enough time for me to fully develop one option within the A-level sociology syllabus on the blog , (technically it’s longer because I’m already about 20% of the way through ATW) and a further 2.5 hours (A.M. session 2) on the same days of the week should be enough time for me to develop some more revision and teaching resources.

I’m also intending to do my ‘news’ posts in these sessions to break things up. They don’t take long: 30 minutes to an hour.

I’ve deliberately put this stuff first as this is the ‘churn’ that I don’t find especially interesting, but it pays. The afternoons of Mon-Weds and then Thurs morning I’m doing more interesting stuff – like reading books and summarising them and then ‘long form’ posts on issues that interest me, and this is also infographics time. The idea here is that I might get some work off the back of such stuff.

Thursday P.M. and Friday I’m giving over to steemit. That’s all the time I’ve got left! A day and a half. This will be enough time to read write, and I can post whenever I get a chance on the relevant dayz.

The 16.00-17.00 faff period – that’s when I finish off, actually ‘post’ posts, read blogs, respond to comments, comment on stuff, you know the sort of thing…..


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Cheers... I will do!

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I think the app might have cut you off short in a couple of places ;) Like in 201 :)
I like your schedule. I'm about to work out something similar to balance motherhood, working, studying, and keeping a home.

I never fully keep them but schedules like this really help me to stick to my plans and goals.


Yes I noticed that with the formatting. Maybe no bulletz next time.

Schedules are good for productivity, even if you dont always stick to them!

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Looks like you are super organised and super busy there Karl.

Maybe I should try a more rigorous scheduling of what I do.

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Having said all of that I'm now thinking of just blasting through the list one at a timem Partiko didn't exactly come through with the formatting there!

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