What's on The Bench This Week....Sofa Plant Table

Over the years I have been asked to build sofa tables. This one here on the bench this past week was for a plant table in a living room where the window was south facing. It is being used for a indoor plant table. The design and style has been trending for a couple of years now. The X on the ends is quite popular across many pieces. The stain on this table is an Early American.


I made this table from Pine. I biscuit joined the table top boards.


I added the bottom support board more for the look. It is not entirely necessary.


Living in a rural small town, with a good population of Farmers, and old farm houses, this style is really popular. I have made this table for so many uses. The design is made to alter the measurements to accommodate for a sofa table.


I make this table top to match the top of the dining Country Harvest Tables that I build. So many of my customers come back for the matching sofa table.


Not a terribly difficult piece. I pose the question to my woodworking friends out there, "do you have a signature design or style that you incorporate into your pieces.?"

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Very nice. Making stuff is just so rewarding mentally :)

Nice work Mike, I love my table you made me, like this for my garden Shop/Shed.

Sweet! I want my boyfriend to follow you haha so he can make stuff like this.
summoning jutsu @offgridnina

That turned out beautiful! I really like the look of the bottom bracing. It gives it a nice old world look. The dark finish is very pretty!

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