Today On The Bench A "Kids Loft Bed"

A customer called me and asked me to build her a bed for her child. She sent me a picture and the measurement she wanted, and this is how it all worked out. What do you think?

kids Bed Mike 10.png

This is the picture that she sent me. It seemed easy enough. So I went to work with the following measurements that she had also sent me.

kids Bed Mike 9.png

She wanted the bed capable of being taken apart for when they move. So I used bolts for the larger side pieces and screws for the slates where the mattress will sit. She is intending on painting it so all I had to do is built it.

kids Bed Mike 12.jpg

This is the beginning frame for the mattress.

kids Bed Mike 11.jpg

This is the frame with the side pieces attached. It is heavy even though I made the bed out of Pine.

kids Bed Mike 7.jpg

This is how it all turned out all assembled.

kids Bed Mike 6.jpg

Now here is what it looks like ready to be transported and delivered to her.

kids Bed Mike 2.jpg

It was a fun project and the first bed that I had built like that. Tell me what you all think. Thanks

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It came out awesome! It looks like they used 4x4 legs, and you used 2x4?, which will be plenty strong enough, but will they need a cross brace to keep it stable if kids are jumping around on it?
Just curious because I am not a wood worker. I used to build boats in school, but that is an entirely different monster...

Looks great! We built loft beds for our kids. They LOVE them, and the extra play space underneath. They are easy to customize too. My oldest son's is pretty plain, my daughter's is all decked out to look like a princess castle, complete with buttresses and a slide, and my youngest son's has monkey bars coming off the top and a climbing rope.

Great job! Love the design, simple and sturdy.

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