Back In The Shop This Week.....New Coffee Table...With Storage....Check out how I Biscuit Joined The Top

After a bit of a break from the shop to do some home painting, I stepped back into the shop this week. This weekend I built a custom piece for a customer, with a busy household. Together we designed a functional coffee table to store the kids board games, lego, and coloring books. I made the table out of Pine. I used butterfly hinges for the top and chains on the inside to ensure that they tops when open do not flop open and hurt a little one.

coffee table 1.jpg

This is what it looks like with the top closed.

coffee table 2.jpg

And this is with the tops open. Here are the biscuits that I used to do the top.

coffee table 9.jpg

The pictures did not turn out that clear, but this is my Biscuit Joiner.

coffee table 8.jpg

This is it with the clamps on drying.

coffee table 10.jpg

Then just add the chains for security

coffee table 6.jpg

There you have a multi function coffee table. I hope you have enjoyed this piece.

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This is beyond beautiful. Unreal how talented you are. Very impressed with your works.

Love that. I hope to be able to build something like that soon with my lumber. I haven't even used my biscuit joiner yet, or any biscuit joiner for that matter.

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