WONDROUS WEDNESDAY CONTEST- 10 Things that I am grateful and happy about 😍

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Hey guys ,

So today my heart was paining a bit , from some bad things happening and some other things on my mind. I was just saying , please Lord you do the right thing. But that's when I saw this message from @mariannewest saying , if I have time , I should check this post. And I did. And I feel that post was an amazing post and I feel like I should participate in this contest just now itself. Hehe.

Here I go 😍🤩

10 Things I am so grateful and happy about

  1. My current relationship with God , wow this is something I'm so happy and grateful for. Because all these years I never valued myself , I never felt like living , I felt so ugly and worthless , but knowing god and becoming more and more closer to him , helped me really see the truth and not all that lies anymore. My eyes were opened and I felt that is the best feeling I have ever felt.

  2. My family , no matter how tough it gets , I'm glad that my family is my family . I know sometimes I have to sacrifice alot more for them , but they wouldn't even know that. And I'm fine with that. Again , I feel so glad that my parents raised me with a lot of ethics and equality.

  3. For meeting @lildebbiecakes because she always makes sure she helps me out with her messages and drawing and everything. She is such a nice and kind hearted person. And her husband , brother Rick too. I'm so thankful for them in my life.

  4. For meeting @blog-fictions , she is one cool girl I know. Filled with alot of uniqueness, I feel she is a motivation for people. He life story is inspiration to me.

  1. For my phone , haha because without my phone I wouldn't be able to do all this right. I'm so grateful to my father in heaven and my father on Earth for this amazing phone.

6 . For God's amazing Grace on all our life's. For his protection over our families during the flood and landslides which happened recently.

  1. For another chance on this Earth ,even though I'm so so imperfect , god chose me , and took away all my imperfections and made me new. And he gave me yet another day , to which I'm so very grateful for.

  2. For very little , but two three good friends of mine. Because they taught me that , even though people are so toxic and fake. There can be some who can just become your family, the difference in race , skin color, or language doesn't matter. What matters is what is inside , nothing else.

  3. For our pets , ever since I was small I was an animal person. And I'm so thankful for my pets , we have a huge puppy and a cockatiel. We lost our turtle three years ago. We had a cat too. And back home we had goats and ducks.. but that was long back. Now it's just the two of them. But I Soo love our dog..I'm a dog person alright.

  4. To God for introducing the right people into my life. Wow this is huge , especially cause we don't know who is good and who is bad. If god doesn't choose the right people for us , we be in great trouble .hehe.


💜Write a post listing ten good things in your life, or ten things or you are grateful for, or even ten things that make you happy, or a combination of these things

💜Make sure you use the hashtag #wondrouswednesday and also tag (@princessmewmew) somewhere in the post so I can be notified by my awesome Steemify app!

💜Make sure to use the words Wondrous Wednesday Contest or something like that in your post title

Love you my Steemit fam , you guys are what I'm the most thankful for 😚😚

I had wrote this yesterday but it didn't go, and I didn't know...oh no

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Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for your entry! The deadline for this one is closed, but I have a new #wondrouswednesday happening this week, with the theme being PETS! I'd love you to enter that too!

Link here

See you soon xx


Ooh no...okay sis ... Lemme see yayyy petsss . 😘😍

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Glad that you are concentrating on being grateful - that really helps to overcome the hard times...


Thank you sis 🤗💝 I feel its high time for another challenge like the selfie challenge...hehehehe I miss them... I really want to come back to Freewrite, but I'm just so busy... Let me see , how will I balance all of this...hehe ..hope you are good sis ❤️

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