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There is another joy in starting something new. Our new achievement is the first woman in the rank of Major General.
"Trying to do it with importance without giving any concession to work." ---------------Dr. Susan Gaitin

She passed MBBS degree from Rajshahi Medical College in 1985. In 1986, She joined the post of Captain as a women doctor in the Bangladesh Army.

Dr. Susan Gaitin said women in Bangladesh are coming forward side to make the decision. Educated mothers will give gift to educated people & society. Our favorite motherland will move forward in the educated society. Increasing women's participation in the Armed Forces. Young educated women are coming forward side. Wonderful success has been achieved through the hands of Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina . Speaker of the Parliament is a woman. In every case women are successfully creating their position. Really it is most of the achievement for us.

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