International Woman's Day

in #womansday4 years ago

What would be this world without a woman?


Today is not a celebration.

But a fight...


The Women's day were initialised for our rights. At first for
voting and later every kind of discriminations against us.

In 1921, Soviet Russia was the first country to formalize it in by making a holiday but not unemployed until 1965. It was finally in 1977 that the United Nations formalized the day.
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Some of us think is enough to post and let! NOOOOOO
The battle continue... Everyday. everytime, every hour, every second one woman his fighting to survive and dealing against her feminity or simple just only being a woman. Is not fair!
We gave birth.
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We are far than our each equal rules... So every woman must fight for their rights so that our little girls; The future can enjoy and live it.


Pictures have been taken 1,5 years ago by a photographer friend, Aymar Koffi


Hi @misschance. Beautiful shoreline, picture of you. Your photographer friend did you justice with this photograph. Wold have liked to seen more information about the Woman's Day and what it means to you personally. How it affects your country?

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @justclickindiva.
Manifestastions are forbidden these days because of covid 19. Normally we don't especially celebrate it in my city but there is some events on the other bigger city like Geneva or Zurich.
Do you celebrate the day on your country ?

Hi @misschance. Thanks for letting me know. I understand the celebrations where large crowds are gathered have been cancelled in the U.S. They even cancelled the professional basketball season because two players tested positive. Over 1,300 cases now reported. Seems to be doubling by the week.

And, the remaining weeks of the Livestock Show and Rodeo has been cancelled. People who attended early on has since tested positive. This virus has now been classified as a pandemic.

Hope all is well with you.

Wow, it's very sad to see how this virus affect us all around the world. It's a real pandemic!

If the Rodeo Livestock Show is again planned this year, take some pitures for me in advane please :)

Take care of you and your family.

Hi @misschance. We miss you in the Rally last week. No, the final weeks of the Rodeo was cancelled after someone tested positive who had attended. Sad situation.

So many large crowd events have been cancelled. Now we are told no large gatherings of more than 10 people we should engage in.

Take care and have a great week.

The health of the world is going bad :(
Stay safe and take care of you.

Cool, didn't know that the Russians started this back in 1921, you Rock girl!

Yes, 3 years ago I have watch a report on the subject and it was very interesting. Thank you my sister friend :)

Damn girl you are hella extra

Thanks my friend for your attention :)

Lovey post for International Women's Day! Kudos to Soviet Russia for leading the way with a day to honor women! Stunning photos you shared from your friend, too! Please tell him that I said: "Bravo! both the model and photographer! Wonderful composition!" 😊

Oh thank you very much @thekittygirl. I though it was important to remember for what this days is really meaning.
I have been fighting to get him on Steem since then but I thank you again and I will let him know :)

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