What It Means To Be A Woman - SFP-Cebu #WomanPower Writing Contest

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What does it mean to be a woman?

Seems like a very easy and simple question, yet behind it lies a deeper meaning. They say women are potent agents or warriors of change to the society. In fact, a popular saying goes, “In every successful man, there's always a woman behind him.”

The month of March is deemed to be the month for women, and in light of the celebration, SFP-Cebu is inviting all Steemians to take part of our writing contest.

The Contest

Write the most compelling story about woman power, woman success and prowess. It could be about your mom, your sister, your girlfriend or girl friend, or any female significant other whom you think fits the bill.

UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post, and let it spread like wildfire! This helps in reaching our primary goal, which is to pay-it-forward. Part of the earnings of this post goes to our beneficiary, The Lugaw Project, and will be for future endeavors of SFP-Cebu.

Our Goal For This Contest

The goal of the #WomanPower contest is to help a dear friend -- a woman -- who has single-handedly conquered the odds to help and nurture street kids in her city through her brainchild project called The Lugaw Project.

See their story below:

The Rules

  • Your story must be original and compelling.
  • The tag WOMANPOWER must be used.
  • Must be a minimum of 400 words.
  • You can use whatever title you want, as we will only look at the tag to track all entries.
  • Deadline for submission of entries is until the payout of this post.

The Prize

We will pick 2 winners: 1st gets 3 SBD and 2nd gets 2 SBD.

Contest Judge

The judges for this contest are @zararina and @chinitacharmer.

Credits: Video by Martin Tabañag / Photo by An Sionnach Fionn


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Thank you @ecoTrain for the resteem.
@wdoutjah happy to help, it's a great contest and a great cause.

A: #teamgirlpowa about to make this really hard on YALL

B: I will encourage people to pitch in for the winnings and donations. Half the raised funds fo to winners.. other half to LIV CAMPO!!! lets dooo thiiss

Thank you @limabeing, this means a lot for us

hopefully i can deliver!! @lilyraabe had a great contest last week about the bechdel test and i'm gonna spread the word

Thank you for the kind gesture @limabeing

Oh man this is a great contest!! I know the group that would love this. I'll past it along and hopefully get a lot of responses.

The Lugaw Project (The Rice Porridge Project) is amazing and is great that it will be one of your focal points for sfp-cebu.

Wow! I love the idea of the contest. It is but right to celebrate amd recognize the woman who had put their lives over ours inorder to provide for us! 😊 More power to you guys! Thanks for giving us this kind of opportunity and the avenue!

Thank you @stephey, looking forward for your entry :)

This is a very good idea. I am always wishing to join this kind project but for now, all I can do is to join, upvote and resteem this. Goodluck on your charity event. I hope it will turn out good. :-)

We are looking forward for your entry @loudetteiam

You go girl!! I was born in March so grrlpower is my secret strength!


Happy woman's day in advance... I rep March14. Good to be part of this contest that rep my birth month

Hey there @sfp-cebu! You were featured on the #50th edition of steemitfamilyph's featured posts.

What a great contest and for a great cause, resteemed x

I will write an entry, but how can I donate? I just want to confirm where/who to send some SBD

Hi @appiepearl,

Thank you for kindness. For donations, you may send them thru this account. This account is managed by the SFP-Cebu team through @wdoutjah

Great, thank you! I don't have much at the moment, otherwise I'd do more. But coming your way

Thank you so much @appiepearl, this means a lot :) God Bless always

Let this reach to the whole steemit communities. This is a good initiative! Resteemed

Sfp-Batangas is here to support.
Upvoted, and resteemed.

Great contest with a good cause! Congrats SFP Cebu! Paweer!

Cant wait to see the entries.

The lugaw project. One day I will join SFP-Cebu.

Good luck to all!

just by reading the contest info, it already is empowering. thanks!
i wish i could write something...

Oh wow. This is an amazing contest!


@sfp-cebu ... I think this is an excellent idea. I will submit an entry to the contest and resteem this post on my wall.

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

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thank you @limabeing for sending me over here I love this challenge! This is moving to the top of my to-do list !

@sfp-cebu this is a superb idea to help and to raised the the value of women :) cheers!! resteemed

Hello po.. nakaka proud naman po si Miss Liv.. salamat po sa pagshare neto,,
In response po sa contest nio. eto po ang entry ko


thanks po

"contest with a cause", great idea.:) I hope we continue this advocacy in steemit..!!God bless us all

I submitted my entry! Looking forward to reading everyone's submissions.

Edit: Here's the link.