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My #womancrushwednesday goes to an ardent participant of FUN TIME WITH @GEE1.

She's no other person than @Mzajoke.


I don't know so much about her but the little I know about her is worth crushing on.

She's friendly, I remember the first time she hit me up on whatsapp. I had no option but to like her immediately.

She's dedicated. Most times she even gets to write the #womancrushwednesday, #mancrushmonday posts before me. And she keeps to the rules.

She's expressive. I have a thing for expressive people. People that are sincerely expressive.


Guess what friends???

Today is her birthday. Today I celebrate a loyal follower and a loyal fan of mine @Mzajoke. I appreciate and love you. I wish you everything that makes you happy. And above all I wish you happiness. Have a fab year ahead darling.

Here is my #womancrushwednesday post, I will like to see yours😘😘😘

To participate,

• Follow me, Upvote and Resteem this post.
•Add my link to your post so others can participate too.
•Use the #womancrushwednesday tag so I can find your post and give my upvote.
•PS: Please use #womancrushwednesday as one of your tags not #wcw. So I don't miss your post.*


THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but you all make this so much fun. I lost he lost again. This is because I haven't been fast enough to compile them before new posts drops with the list. I will be punctual next week. Thanks for adding some fun to the Steem blockchain 😘 😘 😘


THIS IS NOT A CONTEST, EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!! Just do a #womancrushwednesday post following the above rules.

Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃 Tell us your story.

Remember to Resteem and add the original link to this post in your #womancrushwednesday post so that other people can participate. You sure do not want to enjoy this alone.

Everyday of my life, I yearn to make people happy. I want to be the reason someone in another continent smiles. I want to be the reason someone in another country, village, city is able to pay their tuition or that of their child/children.

I hope soon enough the worth of my upvote on people's post will be enough for them to buy a meal. I hope that someday, the worth of my upvote will be enough to fund projects.

I want to make people feel so much love. I am already doing that, I hope that soon enough I will be able to reach more people.

Thank you for reading and participating.

I am @gee1, I am the Steem Evangelist.


Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

Happy birthday to the beautiful young lady @mzajoke

Thank you

Thanks boss😎

We happen to be crushing on the same lady today....

Here's my post.... 👇

Cheers to greater years ahead @mzajoke

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy 💃 💃 💃

She is amazing. Few conversations with her, i could tell she is phenomenal. I like her.

Happy birthday to you cutie heart. You will always be a voice of influence, in Jesus name. Amen

I got mine here cutie...

Amen.. Thanks pastor, i love yu sir💗

Love you too cutie.

@Mzajoke can also disturb for Africa ooo especially through voice notes

Happy birthday beautiful @mzajoke

Happy birthday @mzajoke long life and prosperity, age with new grace and success and aslo thanks for @gee1 for making us express our feeling and talking about your crush on womancrushwenesday.

Thanks dear

Thanks boss😎

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