Witness Survey v1

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Before we begin I want to thank each Steemian that took time to submit a question for this survey. Your desire to see our blockchain improve is what will make this this place continue to prosper. As we discussed in our first announcement, we want this project to become a tool for the community to seek out where each witness stands on the issues that matter the most to Steemians like you. We had a total of 19 questions submitted by 10 different Steemians who are seeking to learn more of their elected representatives. You'll be able to find the questions below:

What is your position/stance on bid-bots (ownership/delegations/opinion)? - @abh12345, @ammonite

What does the witness want to do to make the blockchain more user-friendly and help to on-board new users. What do THEY personally want to see done and what will they do to get it there? - @ericwilson

Do you think votes for witnesses should last indefinitely or should they time out (or perhaps decay over time) so that periodically voters will need to reevaluate and affirm their positions by recasting their votes? - @harvhat

Do you think the 30 witness votes each steemian gets is the correct number, especially in light of the fact there are only 20 top witnesses to be seated? - @harvhat

What is a concern or two that you have about the #steem blockchain? - @johnspalding

What are you hopeful about for the #steem blockchain? - @johnspalding

What is the monthly cost of equipment? - @abh12345

Where do your earnings go? - @abh12345

[What are some of your] Current projects? - @abh12345

[Will you provide an] Alt accounts list? - @abh12345

What are the benefits associated with being a witness? - @klassic

How do I become a witness? - @steemingmark

What do you think the SBD [STEEM] price for a new account should be? - @harvhat

What is a witness and how I become a good worker? - @rubaethsyed

Have you implemented any new procedures for evaluating potential hardforks? - @patrickulrich

How does a new user make the availability of his vote known to the cabal of witnesses wannabes trying to overthrow the current witness regime? - @grimgriz

Should we have interest for SBD? - @patrickulrich

What takeaways do you have from the Hardfork 20 issues that occurred? - @patrickulrich

Do you think 20/21 top witnesses a good number or should there be more or less? - @harvhat

Next Steps

We will distribute this survey to every active Steem witness over the coming days via a memo transfer to their Steem wallet with the following text:

Thank you for supporting Steem by maintaining your witness. Steemians have created the first @witnesssurvey questionnaire that we'd like for you to participate in. Please respond to each question within a new Steem post and then leave a comment on this post for us to find your responses by 12/11/2018 so we can share your views with the community. [LINK]
As soon as the survey has been sent to each witness a new post from @witnesssurvey will be created detailing the block that each witness was notified of the survey's existence.

For Witnesses

Please copy and paste the above questions into a Steem post, or as a comment to this post, and respond in line to each question with your response. Once you've created your response post please leave a comment to this post with a link to your submission by no later than December 11, 2018. We will then compile all witness responses into a single post for Steemains to identify where their witnesses stand on the issues that mattered most to them.

For Steemians

Please consider sharing this survey with your fellow Steemians. While we will not be including new questions in this round we do want to bring as much awareness about these important questions that have been asked. We also ask that once responses have been made to the survey that you consider utilizing your witness votes to elect the representatives that best reflect your values and ideals for this community.


11/6/2018 - Announcement of project
11/6/2018 - First call for questions begin
11/20/2018 - Deadline for submitting questions
11/27/2018 - Survey will be distributed to all active witnesses
12/11/2018 - Deadline for witness responses to be included in first survey results
12/18/2018 - First survey results published to Steem chain


All data that is submitted will also be maintained at witnesssurvey.com. This centralized site will be an easy place to locate past witness answers and to give users answers to where witnesses stood at the time of our surveys. It is intended to act as an easy reference point for where to locate data on each witness even if they choose to not participate in this project.

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Here you go - My answers are all in this post. :)

Always on top of things!!

And under a few too :)

I sincerely thank you for your support of the project! I've enjoyed reading your responses and hope this will bring more Steemian's votes your way.

We will look into it and reply to the questions that most directly relate to us and the ones we have solid opinions on. We'll leave the "cabal" questions to those in the know ;)

Thank you @steempeak! I look forward to your responses and thank you for taking the time to address the project.

Thank you @revisesociology. I hope you will join us in V2 to make it even better!

Thanks for sending the survey, will respond and paste the link as a comment asap!

Excellent @chitty. Thank you for supporting the project with your answers and look forward to reading them.

Here is our answer - this post
We are glad that we can participate in this survey and we hope it will help some people understand what they wanted to know.

Thank you @ignis-witness for your response and for supporting the project. I am sure that you will be helping potential witness voters establish a connection to your campaign in the future.

No problem. We are honored that we could answer your questions.

Thank you for your responses Tim! I think your openness to the community is only one, of the many, reasons why you're regarded as one of the top witnesses.

Great info, thanks for sharing

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you will join us for V2 of the survey and bring new questions and curation to the project.

Thank you for your question.
I will write once ^ ^

Thank you @ayogom! I appreciate you taking the time to review the project and look forward to your submission.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up @igormuba! I hope that many Steemians take the time to review your response and consider your campaign.

Thanks for taking the time to get these questions from the community.It's important that we keep up to date on common issues and concerns within the community and for witness's to keep the community informed. @crimsonclad and myself will try to get these questions answered over the next week and submit them to the chain for the community to read.

Thanks again

@followbtcnews I sincerely thank you for the kind words and participation. I will be looking forward to reading your responses!

Some really great questions and I am really look forward to learning more about all the witnesses. It will be interesting to see it there are any changes based on the results of the survey.

I couldn't agree more. I look forward to hearing from even more witnesses!

Thank you for presenting these varied and interesting questions to inform the community, your post request is currently in a queue and will be attended to once I get caught up commenting on my #SublimeSunday posters, supporting as many communities as I can get to and finally maybe treating myself to doing a coffee of the world post I have been planning for two weeks and just never seem to get the time.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you for supporting the project and all of the communities you help enhance here on Steem. I look forward to reviewing your submission!

You can find my post here

Thanks for choosing my question I will give this a resteem for you.

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I appreciate your participation and promotion @steemingmark. Thank you!

No worries mate

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Wow I have to say this is about the worst possible way to make a survey. this is kind of a joke. Half these questions are... um... how to say it politely..........

Passive aggressive much?

Why not actually provide constructive feedback to the project?

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hmm maybe scroll up and read my second comment LOL (it is the one that has been voted to the top of this post)

For sure. It was attached to another thread and I did not see it. It wasn't showing at the top on #partiko.


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Great questions!

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Thank you for the support @shawnsporter! I think there were certainly some great questions from the community for the first go.

@patrickulrich / @witnesssurvey that is a wonderful idea! I'm sure it helps better convey why we have witnesses, and why people should vote for them.
We will post our Actifit response shortly :)

Hello! here are my answers. Thanks for this great inicitative. Keeping steemains informed on witnesses is crucial for the system to work!


We know, we're cutting it close. But here are our answers to the survey nonetheless :)

> Our Witness Survey v1 Answer Post<