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This post is the answer to the Witness Survey v1 from @witnesssurvey

What is your position/stance on bid-bots (ownership/delegations/opinion)? - @abh12345, @ammonite
If the bid-bot helps people to profit as currently @ocd then it is ok. However, if the bid-bot is made to multiply its own earnings then it is not good. But still we don't like the purpose in which bid-bots were created - to improve the visibility of your post. How many votes you buy should not decide about the visibility of your post, people should decide how good your content is.
What does the witness want to do to make the blockchain more user-friendly and help to on-board new users. What do THEY personally want to see done and what will they do to get it there? - @ericwilson
We want new users and those who are undervalued to earn money for the content they create. Currently, for new users it is very hard to earn something until they do not attract other witnesses and whales. In order to do this, we search the mass of posts every day to choose those that are undervalued and help them.
Do you think votes for witnesses should last indefinitely or should they time out (or perhaps decay over time) so that periodically voters will need to reevaluate and affirm their positions by recasting their votes? - @harvhat
We think that this could be a good solution. Everyone would have to try hard to maintain their position and new Witnesse's would have better chance to get higher rank.
Do you think the 30 witness votes each steemian gets is the correct number, especially in light of the fact there are only 20 top witnesses to be seated? - @harvhat
We think that 30 is a good number. The amount of Witnesse's increases over time and it also allows you to give the new ones a chance.
What is a concern or two that you have about the #steem blockchain? - @johnspalding
We do not care too much about it. We believe strongly in steem blockchain.
What are you hopeful about for the #steem blockchain? - @johnspalding
We hope that SMT will give us a lot of development opportunities on the Steemit platform and we are waiting for it. We think it will be game changer.
What is the monthly cost of equipment? - @abh12345
We currently spend about $ 80 on our equipment.
Where do your earnings go? - @abh12345
We have practically no income. 1 SP per month is everything we have with our position. However, if we have a profit, we will use everything to support people with our votes.
[What are some of your] Current projects? - @abh12345
This can not be called a project, but we are constantly introducing new initiatives in our witness, we have recently started the Daily Curation Report.
[Will you provide an] Alt accounts list? - @abh12345
The accounts we use are @txmek and @cyrusik. In addition, we develop our witness @ignis-witness.
What are the benefits associated with being a witness? - @klassic
Depends on what your rank is. We do not record any benefits with our ranking. Only pride that we contribute to the development of the platform.
How do I become a witness? - @steemingmark
Practically everything explains the guide from someguy123. The rest is how much you will do for the platform and whether it will be recognized by people.
What do you think the SBD [STEEM] price for a new account should be? - @harvhat
We believe that it is good as now. The price is not big and having a lot of SP you can always make a friend's account.
What is a witness and how I become a good worker? - @rubaethsyed
A witness is a person who operates a witness server that contributes to the development of steemit by creating blocks and publishing a feed price. To be a good witness it is not enough just to have the server turned on. You must promote Steemit, help people, take care of the platform, gain recognition from people. Nowadays various projects and games based on steem are well received. At the end, people decide what ranking you will have as a witness.
Have you implemented any new procedures for evaluating potential hardforks? - @patrickulrich
As a witness with the ranking of 249, we do not decide which hardfork will come into reality.
How does a new user make the availability of his vote known to the cabal of witnesses wannabes trying to overthrow the current witness regime? - @grimgriz
Every user is different thats why we don't want to answer for them. They decide who to vote for. And we will do everything to make them proud from giving us their vote.
Should we have interest for SBD? - @patrickulrich
Of course. We think that this is good for the community. Thanks to this we can get more steem power.
What takeaways do you have from the Hardfork 20 issues that occurred? - @patrickulrich
I think that the source code should be checked before entering into reality and all changes should be tested on the test server.
Do you think 20/21 top witnesses a good number or should there be more or less? - @harvhat
We think that the top20 is a good number. However, new witnesses who are trying very hard should have greater chances of progressing in the ranking. Currently, the ranking is set and it's hard to change something even if you try very hard.

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