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RE: Urgent Community Petition: Steemit Inc. to Stop 34 Mil SP Powerdown!

in #witness5 years ago

It feels like a game of:

Let's pretend we aren't centralized.

Isn't it kicking the can down the road.. It's their stake. I don't see what we can do about it, and I'm not going to beg ned to be a good player.

I vote no confidence but stop short of telling him what to do with his stake.


....nothing like a bit of seized asset forfeiture to bring out the commie's !!

He should shove his stake up there where he keeps his head... But he should do it by himself. (haha, did I say that)

Lots of men are starting to do it by themselves, nowadays (not self rectal examinations), and it's not all good...

Enter a subtle segue into dropping a link.... (it will make sense if you watch the dtube..)...
Loving this editing malarky!

It's their stake

This is the answer to all this drama, to be honest.

Wouldn't we all benefit from Steemit Inc powering down at a lesser rate?

Is there anything inherently bad in asking?

I personally hope they do power down and also sell.

Right now it is the worst of both worlds and this entire situation has highlighted that.

It's decentralized until there is a point of contention and then the stake is used to inflict power and fear on the community. (likely not even purposefully, just as a by-product)

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