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This will be a short post. I simply want to put out an idea to all involved minnows, redfish, dolphins, and whales. For those who don't know probably the most powerful 30 votes you have is the vote over who gets monster sized delegations by the system to witness for steemit. Never mind your 2 cent 0r 20 cent vote, your vote over who gets the largesse of steem to attract and direct the way things are done here on Steemit.

I propose that all of us band together and use are 30 votes to affect the best possible outcomes for ourselves and for Steemit that we can. If you have money invested in Steemit, or have just invested a lot of your time towards creating valuable content here, your voice matters. lets not give our Witness votes away just because someone asks or will give you a few upvotes, or whatever. lets set the terms and the rules of engagement for the witnesses we want, and if they don't play by them we pull our votes


Anyone who interested in joining me in starting a board for witness choosing please comment below, and lets work this out. There are far too many abuses to the system of Steemit for self gain by OUR chosen witnesses.* Look at @bellyrub who has gone rogue, selling votes. That is sickening is that what a witness is? NOPE**

Time to create some standards that work for all of us. Not just the few.

so I am not a computer guy, but I have been a shop steward in my union, I know how to organize. I need a couple of people to help set this union/board for the choosing of our witnesses.

So please join me, and lets build our only real power we have, the power over who is a witness and what they will bring to the table for the whole not the few.

This being said there are good witnesses out there that I know of like @surpassinggoogle @ausbitbank and more I am sure. But there are ones that are just raking in huge curation and selling votes and making a killing for what?? Running a node? not enough! @bellyrub is stealing peoples sbd by taking the money and not giving the votes. These abuses will continue if we do not put safeties in place and that should be the simple Steemian and his 30 witness votes or giving his proxy to someone to vote for him.

#Join Me, and lets set this up for the good of Steemit and the good of the all, for the survival of this Platform!! My user name on Discord is Steve Black same as here. Send me a message, lets talk, build a group and start exerting some of our positive will on this platform, we may not have much in the of SBD but we got the holy grail of votes. Witness Votes!! God Bless!


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This is a great idea. I'm in.


glad to have you. You are the best!!

I've only been a Steemian for about two weeks now so I am even having a hard time understanding how the whole witness business works, let alone who they are and why they would or would not be okay, but I like your proposal and will definitely follow this with great interest!

I gues my first task is diving into the working of witnesses, voting for them etcetera.


We have an educational channel on the discord. Stop in :)


join us my friend! the link is above in the posting. Make the most of what power you have. We are with you.

You are the best....yes, it is due time!! :)


click on the link in the post, and join our community on discord. We would love to have you.
Thank you for your kind words.
Cheers. :)

Definitely it's a wise decision. It's either let it go or let's do something about it.


yes, it is due time!! :)

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I've just joined and I am very impressed with initiative
I've just made a post about this cheap gangster @bellyrub
I hope he gets donwnvotes all day long!