Steepshot iOS Version 0.3.5 is finally available in Apple App Store. Steepshot has launched its own Steem witness node.

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Hello, Steemians!

Everyone who uses Steepshot on iOS devices should know that we have faced some problems with App Store approvals recently. But finally we’re happy to announce that Steepshot passed through Apple review process. It means that now you are able to download Steepshot iOS version with the latest updates. Below you can find the info about new features.

What's New

  • Real photo size on post settings screen
  • Comments delete & edit


Real photo size on post settings screen

As you have already mentioned before now all the photos were cropped into squares. Since that moment all the pictures appear in Steepshot as they are.



Comments delete & edit

If you are not satisfied with the comment you can choose a new option and delete it.




  • Now while choosing the hashtags no more crashing of the app.


@steepshot.wtns as a Witness

The main idea of Witness is to make sure that the Steem ecosystem stays healthy and we hope our node will make a notable contribution to the development of Steemit.

Technical specs of the server:

OSUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS
ProcessorAMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core Processor
LocatedGermany, Gunzenhausen, HETZNER-DC

If you believe Steepshot can help the Steemit community, please vote @steepshot.wtns as Witness


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.









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I truly love @steepshot, it is an awesome platform, what would be great is if we could do short 1 minute vids and also have an in app photo editor(filters).

Otherwise you guys are doing such a great job on this app, everyday there are improvements I can tell you working hard on it, and it shows.

well done, all the best :-) Loveit!!!

btw how much one can earn from that app!

same as steemit, except it is like instagram if I were to describe it in short. and all your posts on @steemshot gets fed to steemit as well.

wow :-)
then i think i should try that site also
btw thank u for reply

no problem, all the best :-)

great stuff

As you might already know, I love using Steepshot. Been using it ever since I got my camera and will never stop posting from there :) I like how I can easily get people outside of Steemit interested about it by showing them my Steepshot profile.

It's a shame are such bastards and will never give you a 2m delegate because they are somewhat connected with APPICS and don't want to support its competitors.

My suggestions would be:

#1 More contests, more frequently + market them outside of Steemit
#2 Ask for Delegations (I will delegate as soon as I reach that 2,2k threshold of free'd up SP) - do a write up and/or manually contact whales asking for support, I see no reason why someone like @thejohalfiles wouldn't delegate a couple hundred tousand SP :)
#3 Go open source? Ask utopian devs for help and speed up development

Had a couple more but they faded away, just woke up so my mind is not clear yet, will update if I remember something smart to say :)

Oh yes, and I would like to invite everyone to vote Steepshot for withness!

I'll do it as soon as I get back home tomorrow.

Thank you very much for such a support, you really do suggest good advice.
We put all our efforts to develop Steepshot.
Appreciate your wish to help and make Steepshot great!

Np, if there is anything I could do to help you out, feel free to hit me u p on discord.

The efforts you put in the app is showing and it is currently one of the best steem based dapps.

Steepshot is already great! We can try to make it epic, but it's already great :)

Wow very good news.

Cool newspaper!)
But one O is the odd one out.

I approved @steepshot.wtns as my witness

Nice to hear it!
Thank you.

You're welcome :-)

another step in the right direction. :D

Getting better all the time....

Great app!

Very cool... Soon there is more to come .

Fantastic news! I hope you will upload more updates in near future :D
I really like steepshot as a alternative and even more for instagram ! :D

Of course a lot of new updates will be released soon!
Stay tuned.

Keep up the good work! Glad you set up a witness.


how one can earn money by steepshot?
is this available in playstore?

Yes and yes. Feel free to download the app from Google Play market or Appstore.

i'll definitly search for this app

thanks for sharing.

You have my vote for witness! ✌️

Good work

I like how steepshot organizes things, but yeah this updates dope!!!

And shoutout to you guys on the witness node

Posted using Partiko iOS

Voted for witness because steepshot is a great tool👌

Thank you! Appreciate your voice.

awesome, i can't wait to try the new version, cheers

Another great step forward to the future !

We do our best!

Hey @steepshot,
I wonder whether there is a criterion specified for getting an upvote from steepshot account. I operate my account through steepshot app and had posted more than 100 posts but I haven’t received a single upvote ever.

I love steepshot and I think I deserve some upvotes for being loyal to the steepshot platform. Could you please guide me what’s wrong or tell me about specific guidelines you have for curation.

I have checked your profile.
All i want to say that you have got great idea about motivation and great style about how to make your profile looks awesome.
One thing that i do not like that you use other people words without mentioning the are not yours. That looks like some kind of plagiarism.
So i advice you to put the name of the author on each photo.

Actually the authors of most of the quotes that I have used are anonymous and I have given the credits to the authors whose names was available.

All the creatives are made by me and belong to me. And also I have interpreted the quotes in my words and had also given my take from the quotes.

Hope you consider it. Thanks a lot for replying and for your guidance. I will try harder to find the authors of these quotes in future.

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Amazong might check it out :)

Good new for iOS users.

If @steepshot could bring even 0.01% of Instagram users to Steem in the long-run it would be so worth it.
All rewards from this comment will go to charity

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Dear @steepshot,
thank you for the update! It would be a pleasure if you could add a dark-mode or night-mode to this app. The white interface is tiring for the eyes when using the app at night. (=

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