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RE: Steepshot iOS Version 0.3.5 is finally available in Apple App Store. Steepshot has launched its own Steem witness node.

in #witness4 years ago (edited)

I truly love @steepshot, it is an awesome platform, what would be great is if we could do short 1 minute vids and also have an in app photo editor(filters).

Otherwise you guys are doing such a great job on this app, everyday there are improvements I can tell you working hard on it, and it shows.

well done, all the best :-) Loveit!!!


btw how much one can earn from that app!

same as steemit, except it is like instagram if I were to describe it in short. and all your posts on @steemshot gets fed to steemit as well.

wow :-)
then i think i should try that site also
btw thank u for reply

no problem, all the best :-)

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