@steemcommunity witness offline

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Please reallocate your vote as we are unsure with regards to the next steps.

Thank you for all the support this past year, we really appreciate it.

Asher and Paula.


Ah, that really sucks! Wishing the best for both of you <3<3<3

Thank you Lyndsay!

We will still be doing the other things I'm sure, and hopefully people can find a place for their vote somewhere in the list :)

Sorry to hear guys, you both have big hearts and give so much to this community.

Are there any witnesses that you believe share your values that you would recommend we check out?

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Thanks @sparkesy43

Hopefully we'll be doing the same thing, just not signing blocks for now.

As far as witnesses, I like the work of holger80, c-squared, and oracle-d, and think they all have something different to offer on top of the witness function.

c-squared added.

Meeee too! ;)
Thanks for the suggestion, @abn12345!

Excellent choice!

I am reading that just now, sorry to hear ... In case you go 'online' again, just inform me by putting a short comment under any of my articles ...


Darn! This must be a challenging time for you two. I know how much you've put into the project so far. 💗

Thank you Jill :)

We have done our bit and have had so many positive messages this past year, but this is the right thing to do at present.

I’m sorry to hear that Paula and Asher! Since having a witness will be cheaper in the near(ish) future I hope to see you return :-)

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time for a little refocus @soyrosa, we will still be doing things on the block to help people out

I agree with @wolfhart. Both of you have my support regardless. You have done some much for this community and quite a bit behind the scenes that most of benefit from but don't see. Thank you for what you do.


Ah well, I'm still here, like a bad smell or a community leader depending on who you speak to 😎

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! You certainly haven't taken this step easily but I can imagine the reasons. Thanks for your work and for the notification, it's a good occasion to review also all other witness votes.

Thanks for your support throughout our time 😁

That's a pity. It's the likes of yourselves we need for the job.

Thanks 😊 Hopefully there are other suitable choices, and we'll be around doing the other stuff.

I actually don't understand your decicion either. Everyone knows you did not just "sign blocks" only.

I am sorry to see you guys off the list. Hopefully you two will be back soon as you guys really do a lot of things for everyone on here. I gather you will still keep the leagues running, but wont be under steemcommunity.

dont worry, we will keep doing good things and we will keep the leagues

I wasn't worried for one second as you two are always doing good things. It's just a shame though , but I totally understand. Maybe some time in the near future @steemcommunity will be back as a witness again.

Mmh, that is a bummer! You are/were my most trusted and favorite Witness!
Let me know when and if you guys come back, so that I can do another promotion round!

well now we can just be your favorite steemains instead

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Sorry to hear this...ready to welcome you any time....need to choose some other.

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thank you very much for your kind support @steemflow

Awww, thanks for at least letting us know. Perhaps after summer things will change a bit.

@enjar thank you very much for your support

Well I guess if you can't afford to run ur server!


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Its not about the money, its about the time.

Just noticed this.. Bummer. You were by far one of my favorite witnessess. After reading the comments I'm glad to hear you'll both still be around. All the best to you two! You're great peoples in my opinion. :)

ah thank you for your support, and yep we will for sure be still around

Ah thank you for your
Support, and yep we will for
Sure be still around

                 - paulag

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This makes me sad. You guys are the best!

aweeeeee dont be sad, this gives us more time to keep steem great :-)

I am very sad to hear this. Hope those project keep going on. Wait to hear more.

Yes the projects keep going, its just the witness server we have taken down

It alittle cure me. Thanks @paulag.

I am sorry to hear this.
Both of you will always have my support, witness or not.

ah thank you very much @wolfhart

Were steemian League buddies 😁👍