Finally, The Witness Chat Recording From August 18th

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My apologies for the delay getting this recording out. I had a lot going on this week and managed to get behind. My goal is to get everything caught up today. Which could get interesting.

The Witness Chat was well attended with sixteen witnesses representing twelve witness accounts were in attendance. All four of the @noblewitness team were present. The witnesses who attended were:

Anarcho-andrei (noblewitness)
C0ff33a (c0ff33a/derangedvisions)
Derangedvisions (c0ff33a/derangedvisions)
Idikuci (Comedyopenmic)
Paulag (SteemCommunity)
Rhondak (noblewitness)
Sircork (noblewitness)
Gmuxx (noblewitness)
MiguelV (Castellano)
Alexvan (ro-witness)
Morkrock (Adsactly)

Several topics were discussed by the witnesses and the community members present.The discussion was lively and informative.

Here is the recording:

During the course of the discussion there were some sites mentioned. Here they are:

During the discussion of the Reputation system @paulag mentioned the concept of User Authority (UA) as being of interest. She provided this link for reference:

During the discussion of SMTs and Oracles this video was linked to in which Ned does an explanation of Oracles on Steem:

This link was provided by @zipporah of an app she uses to track posts on the go:

A discussion took place about the Resources Credits which will replace the bandwidth allocations after Hardfork 20. This link was provided as an explanation of the changes and how they will work:

Next Witness Chat

The next Witness Chat in the Steemit Ramble is September 15th at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC. See you then or drop in anytime.

steemit ramble

Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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