Step #5 + update of becoming a Steemit Witness - Errors errors - I hope I can

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Setting up a steem witness

See my previous item:

Started with:

I did this step:

I didn’t know if this message was right or wrong?
But I continued
Next step is:


I am not sure if this is ok as it finished in 1 second.


Above step takes some time.
After it was finished I get this:

Errors errors errors.

I contacted @reggaemuffin and discussed with him… He asked for my VPS provider which is: Strato
He immediately say It won’t work with docker..
I checked Strato and they offer now a server with docker support.

So now I am reinstalling me server again and try again in a couple of hours..

I am not happy with this situation but happy @reggaemuffin helped me out perfectly.


I tried again after installation of the Strato VPS with Plesk.. But again It didn't work. So this is really a big sh.. issue.

the good thing is that I have learned something and that I could cancel the VPS without any costs. Because it was within 7 days.

Looking for a new VPS or dedicated server because:


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Hi @rival, all the best for you.
Keep Steem ON. I hope you will be a witnesses.
Regard from Aceh, Indonesia.

I've had the same problem with a VPS provider, couldn't install or run docker. It turns out, docker requires at least a 3.x kernel, while some providers run on 2.x and won't allow a kernel update to enable docker's virtualization. Of course, they had other plans with full virtualization, but for $$$$ more. Screw that, I had to find another place.


i am same position please share with me your solutions thanks a lot @rival