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Yes I can

yesterday I ordered a VPS from a Dutch hosting website.. I have paid my first month. So when the VPS server is ready I can start my Witness adventure, ohhhh no my Linux adventure..

Unfortunately the VPS is not ready yet.

But today I prepared a nice animated GIF how to vote for me. I will show you when the Witness server is all setup.

But I am still a bit worried of my lack of Linux knowledge .
I found a nice link

I also contacted @someguy123 for some tips and tricks. He pointed me to @drakos via the discord app. @drakos offered me some help in case I have issues.

I want to remind everyone again that the Steemit community is friendly, helpful and fantastic

I am really excited, I will keep you posted..

The STEEM power ranger is happy

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Nice post! Thank you very much :)

keep working, brother. it's a worthy task

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