Delegation mishap... Coming back stronger though :D

in #witness7 years ago

I tried to delegate myself an additional 1,000 SteemPower, and it replaced my original delegation. So, you cannot add delegation, without replacing what you have already sent.

And by removing delegation, there is a 7-day waiting window, to get your SP back.


Like a fool, I didn't read these fine details... So now, I don't have much to help with for a week.

The contest, is ABSOLUTELY still on... And I will still be reading stuff on Steemit. In fact... By next week, I will have even more SP to delegate to myself... An extra $10,000!

This will push me to the low 400's on



Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness Rob and sharing your experience with moving delegations!

Thanks, Jerry. And for your Steemvoter blog which helped me a lot.


Wow, you got Jerry commenting on your post! He is a great guy. Check out my blog when I got to meet him in person! BTW the video at the end is very good where Jerry answers questions.

Cool :)

Yeah, he does a lot for the community, and I appreciate his enthusiasm. When my delegation comes back online, I will be able to support him better. 5 more days :(


I'm done voting sir jerry since he was not on the rank..

Come to think of it I haven't voted for you yet Jerry. I need to update my witness list.

A vote for Jerry, isn't a wasted vote. He is the most active witness, and has arguably done the most for the platform.

Done with my vote. ;) (along with some proxies)

Another witness dedicated for Filipino steemian! Will absolutely vote for you Rob. How's Gillaine though? :)

Thanks, I appreciate your support!

She is strong :) ... Just dealing with some big family emergencies lately. She put her account on auto-curation, so she can at least build value while she is managing her priorities :)


Ohh that's good to hear Rob, take care both of you. I've already voted you for witness brotha :)

Thanks, I appreciate it. I will go through the list of supporters, and be sure to help them out as well.

Yeah, the delegation is on hold for 7 days, so people cannot abuse the system and get double payouts!

Better to know now, than later!


Ohh okay2x that's great. I hope you can help other Filipinos too :)

Wow thats great idea @rcarter.witness
Hope you will make it and be one of the witness soon. Im so excited for the result later of who will be chosen as a witness. :)

Well, anyone can become a witness... Just have to run your own server, and commit yourself to helping the community.

It isn't for the $, as only the top 30? Or so witnesses make enough to possibly quit their day jobs... And running a server, isn't always easy either.

Currently, to be 100% honest... I lose money as a witness. My server isn't with me here in PH, and it costs more than I make. However... I did not become a witness to make money. I did it for a different reason, one day I will make a good blog post about it :)

Witnesses number one job, is to secure the network... This is what keeps Steemit secure, and honest.

Thanks for your comment... Sorry that I dropped the ball this week, but as I said... next week, I will be even more powerful... (by 33%), and will hit the ground running.


Ohw...sound like you encountered new experience to it..

Glad to know it bro Rob

Be back soon, with a big delegation to help the community :) Thursday it should be back.

Thanks for your support, Bien!


I feel you bro! Your such a kindhearted man..

Thank you for supporting us bro _Rob

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