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As you can see (https://steemd.com/witnesses) many of the top 100 voted witnesses are ,,gave up the fight,, are not updating versions or stopped mining. I am a newbie here BUT I wish to learn wish to work on this project wit YOU (all). I have some experiences with mining (bitcoin,etherium, siacoin,..).

About my mining: I have avaliable for now Intel Core i5 3350P (Ivy Bridge), I can run it 24/7 and 365,25. The truth is that I cant promise 100% uptime but 95% for sure because of the electrical blackouts in my location happening usually once per month but I can reset mining within 1 hour.

Im just a civil engineer not a computer expert but with my logic thinking I could be productive member of our comunity.

If you do decide to support me as a witness, please vote for me with all of your SP holding accounts using the following command in the CLI:

vote_for_witness youraccount popper true true

Thanks, now I´m going to Steemit :D

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AS to replace unproductive people from witnesses is our communal goal please do not hesitate to contact me I will help you too to get in, just need to promise that you will do minimum the same like me and will stay active.

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