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RE: Top 100 Steem Witnesses by Number of Votes!

in #witness3 years ago

Hi Jerry, you've got my Witness vote for this post.

We have been debating in the Homesteaders Slack group the last couple of days whether witness votes were SP weighted or not.

Your post clears that up for us. Thank you.

Although most of us were hoping it wouldn't be SP weighted.

Buy more steempower I guess... 😉


PS You the link wrong in the first mention of @gmichelbkk in your post. You have missed the second k on both - but the second link is okay.

PPS Can we see the full spreadsheet you made with @gmichelbkk of the difference between total votes v weighted votes for the witness list? (shown at the top of your post)

Am I missing the link in the article somewhere? It is teatime so I am bit hazy at the moment 😎

Thank you very much @pennsif for helping me fix that!

@pennsif thank you for helping me edit the post and learn how it was useful for you! Thank you for voting for me as a witness at

You're welcome. Anytime you need help with editing let me know 😊

Thanks for getting the spreadsheet in there - very interesting.

What if we start following each other liking and commenting so we all start making money toghether!?

I am already following you ... Ya te estoy siguiendo

that could be the good one ,must make on it

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