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RE: Witness Update - Steemd v0.20.11 MIRA and HF21 with me @c0ff33a ☕️

Dude!! Thanks for the support once again!! As always, your generousity is much appreciated!!

On the blockchain updates, I see you have been very busy! Here's to running all the new tech successfully and working out those small hiccups. I too think HF21 will encourage curation and overall support in the community. I've resorted to actifiting, commenting and steemmonsters due to time constraints. When I do put in effort to write a post, it gets very little reward. So it basically loses the priority when time and effort is not that well rewarded. It could be better spent completing other tasks. Speaking of which, I have a new site to deploy! Let me get to it...

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Thank you very much, and your are most welcome of support. I think everyone feels the same, you put so much effort into a lost creating something unique and it is hardly noticed - the initial concept of content creators getting less appears bad - but if in the long term your hard work is seen more that is good! And if the value of steem rises because of it - the less you get is worth more - greater minds then mine have worked on HF21 and I trust they have worked out what will benefit our active quality content creators.

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