How to save Steem: Vote for real witnesses

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TL;DR; version of what happened since yesterday:

Top exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Poloniex) teamed up with Justin Sun (Tron) and participated in a hostile takeover of Steem blockchain. They voted for their own witnesses and now Steem blockchain is in their CONTROL!

Now Tron is able to do anything to the chain, accounts, and funds.

Steem is not safe anymore. (thanks to centralized exchanges)

The only possible solution to save the current chain is voting real witnesses.

Fake witnesses: (All are running on one server controlled by tron)

Do not vote for these names
Do not vote for these names

Other than the list above, you must vote on other witnesses to bring them to the top 20

List of witnesses you may vote:

If you don't have enough witness votes, you can unvote me and other low-rank witnesses and vote for our high-rank witnesses.

Voting for witnesses is more important than you think. With more participation from the community, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Go vote for witnesses at
Set me as a proxy at and I will vote on your behalf.


You want me to vote for the people who started this war? No thanks.. Its already a fucking a battle field here because the orignal top 20 made a pre-emptive ATTACK (without anything but speculation and fud) that got the entire community fucked! Now u want us to give you that power again?? Cuz what? "its the lesser of two evils?" Its honestly hard to say cuz i was never down with the softfork 22.2 which created this entire mess! We have no idea what Justin Sun was going to do prior to that but we forced his hand with 22.2, he couldnt sit back and be bullied by the steemit community, that would of showed great weakness on his behalf and in china that is a dishonor..

The problem is all the witnesses think they are so fucking clever, but the truth us Sun just outsmarted u all and NOW you want the communitues help when before u guys were making executive decisions without any input from the community... yep, so much "decentralization" here!? LoL..

I know im attracting downvotes for this but idc anymore cuz im done here now.. Steemit as we know it will be fucked until all this nonsense stops and real communication begins... which at this point is not going to happen anytime soon..

Yes. It's the end of Steem.
I understand your concerns. But you are not aware of a few things.
It's okay to disagree.

Right... Just more witnesses thinking they know better than everyone else.. BTW, great explanation to help explain "the things we are not aware of" to the community! LoL.. So what you are saying is people should just give all of their support to the witnesses without any answers? Isn't that what got us here in the first place?

When you assume elected witnesses as criminals, you can't expect much.
Most of the witnesses are/were in contact with Steemit inc. for a long time. So yeah, they know more than the rest of the community. It doesn't make witnesses more clever.
Steemit's core blockchain developers are now resigned. It was expected by witnesses that Tron doesn't care and never will care about their developers.
The information that witnesses have right now comes from being in contact with Steemit inc. But since tron, even Steemit team was not sure what is happening.
There are more than 10 articles about merging steem to tron out there beside poloniex supporting this merge.
Such thing without network takeover wasn't possible. Of course, we are open to discussion and we would be more than happy to work with Tron to improve Steem. But, it's not what is happening.
But you are free to think otherwise. You can assume Justin Sun as a good person in this scenario. Who wanted to talk to us. Really?
To this date, only one person from Tron showed up and just confirmed that chain takeover was their plan.

That's the thing, EVERYONE IS ASSUMING EVERYTHING. Even your "proof" is just speculation. Anyone can put out an article anywhere, so how do you know they had inside information or its just more fud?

Yes, I agree with all of quiting that something really fucked up is going on but did that all happen because of this softfork or was it going to happen anyways?? NO ONE KNOWS for sure.

I never said sun was a "good guy".. I don't know him, do u? I absolutely agree that something weird was happening but I think that the witnesses jumped the gun and made this much worse with the softfork. There had to have been a way to preserve the chain without taking away power, whether it was "temporary" or not.. It was a bad move, why can't anyone admit that?

I feel like you are getting angry with my very reasonable questions, I apologize for that. But my modo is "question everything" its just want hippie anarchist do, nothing personal.. Don't worry about replying.. Thanks for the more detailed answer, I appreciated it. Take care.

So, when TRON entered to the Steem blockchain is it a Disaster?

Its all fud right now.. bad moves were made on both sides to create a civil war type atmosphere... only time will tell how this unfolds..

Don’t you have a proxy to vote on my behalf?!

You can set me as a proxy if you want

Thank you very much! I just set the proxy!


Done. Really no idea if I helped the "bad guys" or the "good guys", BUT:

I know I have done something FOR the DECENTRALIZATION!

No matter if these witnesses are the good or bad guys. But they all want decentralization - just as everyone, who uses blockchains. And what Sun did (even IF he had good intents) had NOTHING to do with decentralization - more the opposite, so centralization, is/was the case.

Have a nice day everyone!

We need approx 16 million steem to push at least 4 witnesses into the top 20

@good-karma just shot up to #3!!


@anyx is next on the list (to break into the top 20)!!

@anyx just made it to #5!!


I have set you as proxy, but where can i now see the voting?
Where can i see that User xyz has voted for?

and now i also can't see the ranking on

i can only see:

Witness Voting

You have set a voting proxy. If you would like to re-enable manual voting, please clear your proxy.
Your current proxy is: mahdiyari
And i can clear Proxy there

You can see witness votes on the left panel after scrolling a little bit

Also ranking is available here:

Thank you!!

Congratulations @mahdiyari! You received a personal award!

Thank you for the witness votes you made to support your Steem community and for keeping the Steem blockchain decentralized

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Use your witness votes and get the Community Badge
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

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