Working on my first Steemit witness server

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Today I am working on building my witness server.

I successfully used the guide put out by @yehey It is concise and uses docker that appears to really streamline the process.

I am glad to be able to finally have my witness server running. I have tried many of the guides online but none of them seemed to have an error proof install. It always seemed that somehow somewhere I got a missing library or a bad command. But not this time. @Yehey updated the guide just a couple of days ago and has it nailed.

Now I have to get my seed node going. I am fortunate that I own a website hosting company and have access to all the equipment I need as well as a secure data center and plenty of bandwidth. From here forward I am going to do everything I can to promote Steemit, the future of social media on the blockchain.

So please be sure to vote for @libertyranger for witness

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Thank you for the mention bro. I'm looking forward to see your servers up and healthy :).