Steem Witnesses Freeze Wrong Accounts and Penalize Other Steem Witnesses

in #witness4 years ago (edited)

It seems that a short list of accounts had their funds frozen on Steem as of this morning as revenge for the lack of Hive airdrop and for the original anti-Steemit-ninja-mining-stake Soft Fork.

Accounts frozen:


However, these accounts actually had very little to do with the lack of airdrop or with the original SF. Some, like @freedom, had nothing at all to do with anything. The list is mostly developers who were working on the creation of Hive.

Steem witnesses excluded or penalized:

I noticed right away that many Steem witnesses that were running 0.22.5 were not included right away in the 0.22.8888 initiative.

This is last night:

And right now:


Why was @dlike penalized and thrown out? (edit: Seems this was resolved later)

What happened to @blockbrothers the top witness?

When I went to bed both those witnesses who gave a lot to Steem were in the top positions and now both were thrown out. Other Steem witnesses are disabled or haven't even been invited to update. What's going on?


I don't think that list will stop at those 8 users. Probably there will be added a lot more users.

Maybe. I was surprised the list was only those accounts. Many users were figuring out how to get their money out of Steem overnight.

They wouldn't agree to the new fork so they got de-witnessed by Dev365.
This is what happens when you don't do what soy boy wants. Welcome to a centralized communist blockchain.

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