Muxxy's Minnow Support Project Witness Application

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My witness was set up yesterday and it has been running since last night. In the short time it has been live, I have reached witness rank 110 thanks to some awesome support.

Several members and MSP leaders have encouraged me to submit this application in order to try to secure further votes from the community, as per the instructions of this post.

I joined last May and have, to the dismay of my family, become obsessed with Steem's potential. I very much see it as a gift economy that can do so much good in the world. I want to play an increasing large part in that, and in helping others to realise their potential here.

I joined MSP early on and became a moderator for a while, helping to guide minnows. It was there that I saw the benefits of communities in helping to support and teach others. When I stepped down as moderator in late September I formed a writing community called The Writers' Block with @rhondak. We are currently sitting at a membership just short of 450. Through our social media efforts we are trying to attract fresh blood into the Steem platform, and hopefully some more investment. We have big plans to become the first publishing house entirely backed by crypto and are on course to get this rolling this year.

After powering down to be able to afford to go to Steemfest in November I had to remove my delegations to MSP, @SFT and a few others. I waited for Christmas to be over and cancelled my power down. I returned my delegation to @SFT and have today continued delegating to @minnowsupport. As my account grows, so will my delegations to these and other worthy causes.

A few months ago I changed my voting habits and refused to upvote my own posts any more, focusing instead on rewarding minnows posts through my curating. Speaking of curating, I am a part of @acidyo's OCD curation team and I run my own team with @Muxxybot, shining a spotlight on worthy minnow posts.

My pledge to support the Steem community

I came for the money and stayed for the community. It has become a popular saying, and one that in my case is true. I will continue my curation efforts and keep my focus on helping others rather than on maximising my own income. I will continue to support good causes and do whatever is in my power to help them.

Through The Writers' Block I will encourage quality fiction, adding to the value of the platform and hopefully attract more investment from outside the ecosystem.

My pledge to support the minnow community

I have an initiative called Introduce a New Steemian. I share their #introduceyourself post, upvote it by 100%, write about the new steemian and pledge all SBD earned through my post will be sent to them. I encourage others to do the same, using the #ians tag. My curation efforts will remain focused on minnows, through my personal account and via the @Muxxybot account.

I will play an active part in @swelker101's @MinnowUniversity, helping to teach newcomers how to swim these Steemy waters.

My pledge to support the Minnow Support Project

I shall spend more time in chat at PALnet helping to assist with minnow enquiries, sharing the MSP philosophy and teaching what I know about Steem. As my wallet grows, so shall my delegations to MSP projects. I will continue to introduce new members of The Writers' Block to MSP.

Are you a writer or keen to learn? Do you wish to join a community of like-minded individuals who can help hone your writing skills in the fields of fiction, non-fiction, technical, poetry, or songwriting? Join us at The Writers' Block by clicking the logo below.

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Anyone supporting minnows is my favorite because the potentials of steem lies in fresh bloods. I will vote you as a witness and I wish you the best of luck.


Thank you.

You now officially have my Steemit vote. Can't wait to see you as a top 20 witness.


Thank you very much.

Thats so amazing
I appreciate your efforts in making this platform more than a family ....
Keep up the good works boss💯👏🙌
I cant skip without following you💯

I just voted for you, @gmuxx & didn't need much convincing. Your noble work speaks for itself. Wishing you - and, in turn, us - much success!


Much appreciated.



Sooooo much good there muxxy, let me get you this witnessvote going there!


Thank you.

This is such a wonderful initiative. Knowing that there are people like you encourages me to do my best to produce (hopefully) valuable contents. Thank you very much, and more (Steem) power to you!

My support for you in this initiative is a given. I am so pleased to see the success you're having already, but I'm definitely not surprised. :-)

I appreciate what you are doing to the community especially in your #ians where you really give a leg up to these folks.
I will also start doing it and I have sent two people your way that was highlighted and felt very welcomed so it is much appreciated.

I have recently joined the writer's block and reading on the Archives. It really helped me in pursuing my writing career and the tips are invaluable. I am not that active in chat because I am a bit overwhelmed and low self esteem on seeing some of the writers there. Hopefully when I gain more confidence I will join some of the workshops and get critiqued.

I will continue to support your initiatives and more power to you.


Thank you very much.

Thank you for applying and I look forward to your continuous success. There is a lot of talk around the platform about the future. What are your thoughts on where the platform will be in next five years and where do you see yourself fitting in that vision?

I am pretty much impressed by your initiatives and intentions, and also by your previous acts in support of the community - I will keep watching you and consider voting for you as a witness, I will take some time to see your acts as this is an important decision, I hope you can understand.


I hope I prove worthy.

An excellent move @gmuxx. I think you make an exemplary witness.

You have my full support.


Thank you very much.

already voted for you :)

Sorry for the late vote, i just did! Glad to support you muxx! good luck with everything !!


Much appreciated.

Achieving all that you have said I have no doubt it will be done!

How supportive post this is to all the minnows and yes you're making steemians inspire through it @gmuxx

Keep up the good work high

My support and best wishes are always with you

Stay Blessed :)

You got my vote too GMUxx we need more witnesses like you and the others from the PAL Network God Bless. Peace.

Just voted for you!


Thank you!

You might work well in tandem with the @welcoming account, could be one to check out.

please please please vote my post this month is very important for me to
I have to earn $10. this is personal request from bottom of my heart

Amazing post

fantastic post

Your post is real and nice! I am among those who need your help understanding steemit!

Sunguh cerdas pemikiran

I've been working on a post for quite some time now that I believe to be of the utmost importance. I don't even want to post it because it won't get nearly enough of the exposure that it needs. I'd love to get in contact with you @gmuxx or @aggroed or anyone else part of the minnow project to figure out how I can get some support. I'm currently in the discord but I have no idea what I'm doing. I'll research the minnow project a bit more I guess.


Contact me on Discord

I thank you for sharing this post so beautiful that your post is very important

( I will continue my curation efforts and keep my focus on helping others rather than on maximising my own income.)
i appreciate you for this
I will continue my curation efforts and keep my focus on helping others rather than on maximising my own income.