Progress and discussion between future.witness and Steem users

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Dear Steemians,

Lots of things happened this past few days. As you can see, Steem underwent a fork. We won’t go through all the whole drama again. Following all of that and at this very moment, our witness went from 136 to 18. We are in the top 21 and we are aware that we are accountable to you.

We are going to formalize this in a accountable report template form that we will regularly post.

We’ve been running this witness for a long time now for the sake of decentralization. We never cared about our ranking because Fundition got a 1M Steem delegation that could covered all of the fees related to our activity.
But the new Steemit board decided to put a stop to the delegations.
Which is why we have to appeal to your vote to stay in the top 20 Steem witness.

In exchange to your vote, we commit ourselves to keep on developing useful apps for the whole community but also to gain new Steem users through the use of our apps.
Also in the near future, depending on the development visions of Steemit Inc and Tron, we’ll also be ready to expand our apps to the Tron ecosystem.

Here are our progress in the past few days:
@hightouch, our CEO of FutureShock, is building a Steem explorer to allow you to live scrutinize what is going on the Steem Blockchain :

We are also glad to present the newest SteemLogin ( solution when the team behind SteemConnect decided to move to Hive. SteemConnect was used by lots of project developers. Once again, thanks to @hightouch we have a solution to present to you.

Capture d’écran 2020-03-27 à 07.58.57.png

Obviously, all of our apps are still alive and working on the Steem Blockchain:

Vote for our witness on Steem: @futurewitness


Hey, @future.witness this is not meant as spam, but to invite you to this week's "talkchannel" and tell a little about yourself and what your job is all about. And why we want to vote for you
Regards @xpilar (Wold and the Xpilar community)

Hi @future.witness
Are you voting for or against running the new code and forking out accounts?
Your response will be deeply appreciated
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter

You responded to a previous comment of mine with this response-

"We are witness of Steem blockchain, we do not represent Steemit Inc. Feel free to use,, or other platforms, you can even develop your own front end if you need it. The Steem blockchain allows that and be sure that we are doing everything as witness to defend your rights to setup your own version of Steem. Our values ​​will always defend the decentralization, the innovation, the liberty and the creativity of all Steemians."

Where you pledge to defend a users right to set up other front ends for steem. If that is the case, what do you think about steempeak being censored now as well? A change was made to the hivemind layer that now extends some of the bans from not only the steemit front end but also to steempeak.

Thanks for saving steem. We hope you do well in this.

@futurewitness I wish steemit had an interaction zone..

Thank you so much for your continous steem gifts.
I do appreciate even the very least ❤️

Best Regards 💝

Estoy tan de acuerdo con lo que dices que voy a investigar acerca del tema de los testigos y haré un post de su importancia y porque votar por ello... Alguna sugerencia???????