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Now the hivemind sync progress reaches block 17940000 and it spends about 2 days.

It will be a long time for sure.

BTW I created a Telegram Channel to publish Steem backup data information.

Here is the link: .

Thank you for reading. I'm a witness. You could find more on my site

I would really appreciate your witness vote! You can vote by AuthSteem. Or open page, input ety001 to vote.


Thank you!


Hi @ety001 - any update on the time to completion of the Hivemind replay now?

Thank you

not optimistic.

The log shows:
[SYNC] start block 22000001, +46967659 to sync

Thanks for the update.

How is progress now?

hivemind-hive-1  | INFO:hive.indexer.sync:[SYNC] Got block 32704000 @ 2019-05-07T16:57:21 (40/s, 147rps, 55wps) -- eta 01w 03d 09h 46m 17s

Thank you for the update.

Good job.👍I heard from @donekim Thank you😍

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