How to deploy an Ahnode with official docker image?

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Create a folder

# mkdir -p /data/ah/data/

Create a startup shell named /data/ah/


docker run -itd \
--name ah \
-p 8091:8091 \
-v /data/ah/data:/var/steem \
steemit/steem:0.23.x-mira-ah \
/usr/local/steemd/bin/steemd --data-dir /var/steem

Download config.ini

# wget -O /data/ah/data/config.ini

Download and uncompress data

Visit and download backup data which name likes steem_ah_xxx.tar.lz4.

# tar --use-compress-program=lz4 -xf steem_ah_xxx.tar.lz4 -C /data/ah/data

Start up

When everything is done, execute this command /data/ah/ to start up.

Create stop shell named /data/ah/


docker network disconnect bridge ah
docker stop -t 600 ah
docker rm ah

If you want to stop container, execute this command /data/ah/

Watch container log

# docker logs -f --tail 100 ah


If you have any issue, feel free to connect me.

Leave a message or telegram me or discord me (ety001#4901).

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Thank you!



Hello @ety001! You are good!

command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are:
More commands are coming!

Very useful, thank you.

Brilliant, thanks for re-adding the ah node download to the fileserver!

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Hello ety001,
I was going to set up the ahnode today. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the unpacking because the disk space was insufficient.
I already tried downloading and unzipping as a stream, but there is not enough space for that either.
I have about 730 GB of free space. How much space does the ahnode currently need?

Hi, it's about 787G.

787G    ./data
787G    .

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