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Last week I chose @arcange as my first Steem witness, and I'm back to announce my second choice... @partiko.

I consider my choices for witnesses a crucial aspect of my membership here in the Steem community, which is one of the reasons I've taken so long to choose any. There are only 21 top slots and only about 135 active witnesses, so I wanted to see more of how the various witnesses behaved.

So far, the people over at Partiko have earned my vote as a Steem witness for their full throated defense - and offense - of free speech, a freedom I take very seriously. When Tumblr banned speech oriented towards sex and pornography, Partiko was there to help keep those voices alive and well on the Net. Hell, anti-censorship is their slogan!

Bravo, Partiko.

So far as I'm concerned, Steem is the best social media platform on the Internet that balances individual freedom, ownership, and security. We, the users, are largely left to control the network, and we do that with not only how we create and vote on content, but who we vote for as our witnesses. If we vote for people who are anti-freedom, that's the platform we'll get, which is why Partiko should be in the top 21.

For what it's worth, if there's any witness that ever advocates for censorship or engages in it, I will not vote for them. Freedom of association and expression on digital platforms must be protected and Partiko does that. It's also why I don't believe @steempeak will get my vote. When they deleted the content of @thedarkoverlord from their skin, I knew that I couldn't advance them as a witness, despite their incredible interface.

Anyway, that's it. Still looking for other, worthwhile witnesses to vote for.

Please consider following me and checking out my efforts to raise financing on Steem for my short horror film, Changelings. In 81 days, I'm launching the @fundition campaign and would love to be able to say that Changelings is a Steem project from soup to nuts.

Phil out


If you want to know who I am and what Distant Signal is, check this out. It's sort of a manifesto. The TL;DR is that I've won an award for producing, make a lot of reality TV, live in LA and think that artist and media incentives are misaligned and serve large corporations and not independent artists.

The fist horror / thriller film made on and with the Steem blockchain. Use this hashtag to find out all about it!


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In 2019 the goal is to produce the short horror film, Changelings, the world of that story and to build a community of filmmakers that are enthusiastic about filmmaking and crypto currency.



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Going to upvote this once the SP recovers a bit, but I really like how you're posting about why you're voting for certain witnesses. It's nice and beneficial to the platform to encourage such a discussion.


I completely agree! It's the least talked about and maybe the most important aspect of being a user here on the Steem platforms.