I Choose DSound as My Third Witness

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I consider my choices for witnesses a crucial aspect of my membership here in the Steem community, which is one of the reasons I take so long to choose any. There are only 21 top slots and only about 135 active witnesses, so I want to know how witness candidates behave.

So far, the founder of DSound @prc has earned my vote as a Steem witness for his dedication to the platform. After @steemit pulled it's delegation from @dsound, it could have spelled the end for the platform. Dsound's ability to support creators and earn curation rewards was crippled, yet PRC pushed on and has now invested further in his platform with a new server.

This is the kind of dedication that the Steem Network needs to survive in these turbulent times and grow into the future.

I'm confident that @prc will continue to build DSound and protect it. This is the least I can do.


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You are right, it wasn’t easy to handle the delegation being pulled without any notice... but it hurt much more community (DSound Tribe as I call it) than myself or the project. By having a pullback without any notice after a month, from 2.1M to ~900K, also without any notice, I was able to understand since the beginning that that source of funding wasn’t reliable enough to be considered for the stability of the project. The community, on the other end, suffered a lot and is continuing to suffer! And Steem also, because in times like these, of low valuation of STEEM currency and low volume, the current users should be kept as much as possible, but Steemit Inc and @ned don’t understand it this way... I am ok with that and for DSound project it is better this way, but for the community or the curation of music on Steem blockchain it was a shot in the toes of far too many people... Thanks for your kind words mate! 😎🤙

Keep it up mate, you have done an incredible work. We need more people like you! Projects like yours are the engines of this community.

i consider to choose also ... hmm ...

A fair choice. Can’t imagine the implications of a delegation being suddenly pulled like that. It takes tenacity and commitment to see things through.

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Please consider @steemhunt with another one of your voting slots.

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