@deadwitnesses Updates - Handling proxies and witnesses posting from separate accounts

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Updates - Check it out!

As I mentioned in my intro I threw all of this code together in less than a day so it's pretty rudimentary though I knew I'd want to add some more features and that I'd get some feedback from the community to build on top of and that came quickly.

First, there are several witnesses that operate the witness from one account while most activity occurs in another account. Since I'm pointing out the last post and vote, these accounts can easily look like false positives if there is little to no activity in the witness account itself.

Then, some accounts have set a proxy and before I would just display a blank page since it shows you have no witness votes. I'm excited to say I've put something together for both of these issues!

The New Look!


Here, I'm using a well known account to highlight both features.


Before, if an account was using a proxy, it had no witness votes so a blank page would display.

Now, I check and display the votes of your proxy if you have one set, note that in the header like this, and then display the votes from your proxy.

@deadwitnesses for @freedom (through proxy to @pumpkin)

This gives us a way to not only evaluate our own votes, but to see how our proxy is voting.

Separate Posting Accounts

For witnesses that post from a separate account or are run by two or more accounts I'm now listing them each separately so you can see the activity for all the accounts related to the witness, so there will be multiple rows for those particular witnesses with each row clearly the second account in parenthesis.

(posting/voting as @otheraccount)

For these rows, the Last Post and Last Vote columns will reflect the @otheraccount listed.

This will give you a better perspective into the full witness account and those supporting it separately. As far as I can tell, there's nowhere else that clearly outlines the relationship between witness accounts like this, which is extremely important.

It's important for everyone to see the activity of a witness account, which may not be so obvious for witnesses posting from a separate account or even tougher to convey for those witnesses being run by multiple other accounts. I'm certainly going to continue building this out more, but with your help I'd like to become a trusted source to identify these relationships to help everyone get a complete view of our witnesses.

Accounts Identified

  1. Witness: @lukestokes.mhth
  2. Witness: @smooth.witness
  3. Witness: @noisy.witness
  4. Witness: @steemcommunity
  5. Witness: @followbtcnews
  6. Witness: @fyrst-witness
  7. Witness: @adsactly-witness
  8. Witness: @steemgigs
  9. Witness: @ats-witness
  10. Witness: @sircork

I feel like there are more witnesses like this to identify, so please help me find any others I might have missed. I hope this additional perspective of witness accounts and their related accounts will give the community a much better perspective when considering who to vote for.


I always wanna hear from the community so let me know your thoughts! Is there anything you dislike or I should consider changing? What did I get right? Even more, I'm looking for new features like that I can implement to better support the community in their witness voting.


Thanks so much to everyone for the TONS of resteems I got for my intro post! I'm obviously just a couple days old so I'd really appreciate a few resteems again to help get this tool in front of more accounts.

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knircky and famunger = steem-bounty
exyle/s3rg3/eqko/bennierex = blockbrothers


I hope these guys don't mind the tag, but I think there is a team behind them both.



Awesome, thanks so much!

I've added the first two and hopefully the others get alerts, otherwise I'll dig into their posts a bit.


Comedyopenmic is run by the community account comedyopenmic. And we're working on pushing out updates through the comedyopenmic account. But it's a community witness not a individual witness so it's not a case of the alternative accounts being fixed. but rather are bound to change as the community changes.

Hope that makes sense.


Awesome, thanks for the reply, that makes perfect sense. It looks like you're pretty active with the primary account so that should work, but as you evolve let me know if you'd like me to associate any other accounts.


we run a few contests each week for the community so we usually post 4-5 times per week.

ok bro what are do uat

handy little tool! Thanks for pointing it out. When we started, there were fewer teams, but I'm pleased to see a much wider variety of individuals and groups working towards witnessing these days~

The blockbrothers witness is a team account as well, afaik:

stealth edit: curse you, asher!


Thanks! For witnesses running as a team it's hard to really know that unless you start following and read all the posts. I hope I can help increase some visibility for witnesses like you and help you get even more support.

And as you noticed, he was the one who pointed out blockbrothers who is now in my list today!

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