22.8888 mining and already processing blocks.

in #witness4 years ago

Our crypto witness to keep being updated is since 24h on the latest softfork 22.8888 suggested by @softfork22888 and run by current witnesses ie @zzan.witnesses @dlike @steemhunt @ dev.supporters @snackplus @justyy @triple.aaa @snackplus @future.witness @jayplay.witness @indo.witness @bukio and many others.

Blocks already produced everything running smooth.

Consider to support our manual curation crypto love witness with a vote on https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses

We support the governance and run latest code.


And why did you support this fork?

Because that is what witnesses from top20 run so this is the official code here. We dont need to do 3rd fork of STEEM.

Perhaps not, but what good are you as a witness if you let censorship be implemented in the code? You're just proving how necessary HIVE was.

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