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RE: Announcing The Launch Of The NEW @C-Squared Witness!!!

in #witness2 years ago

awesome news! I’ve been picked up a few times by @c-squared for some of my posts and I appreciate the support because I’m not in any curation teams or communities so it means a lot someone saw value in my contributions simply by merit

Glad to see the project gaining more momentum and expanding and look forward to seeing it grow and improve independent authors

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Thank you! I’m so glad some of the community curators brought your posts to the server! Feel free to jump into the discord too if you want to be apart of the curation team.. or just to say hello 🤗

Oooh cool thanks I’ll pop over and say hello and see what’s up! Is I like a secret club? Do you guys have your own special handshake? Would I be able to sit with you guys at lunch? Gosh so many questions! Will join soon 😬

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mis publicaciones también han sido apoyada por sus curadores y siempre e querido apoyar al testigo pero cuando le doy click "here" me pide la clave del monedero y como no se como funciona me da miedo que me quite todo el disponible, y no termino de procesarlo, ¿me gustaría saber como se procesa y cuanto SBD ó STEEM le quitan a uno? cuando le da votar por un testigo. Quiero apoyar a quien me apoya, y muchas gracias por su apoyo

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