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What a rip roaring tale the #steem #blockchain has spun over the past week, if one of our amazing #freewriters has not already started "Steemies...a blockchain tale" get at it this could be the Amazon ebook of the year. A feisty tale of witchcraft and warlocks, damsels in distress and a good smattering of debauchery and double entendres to boot.

On thing is sure, as I just hit my three year anniversary on the Steem Blockchain all this excitement has shot #Steem into the public eye and now #DPOS is under scrutiny - we are actually making history and making or breaking delegated proof of stake at the same time. #Steem value keeps climbing a little and we have a steady Mexican stand off with our Witnesses holding 9 places in the Top Twenty. To get full control we still need more votes for

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I have always said Witness voting is a personal choice, that is DPOS - you choose how your stake in steem - your Steem Power is used to vote for people you trust and believe in. And it's not a vote and forget thing - do it all the time, every day if you like - keep looking at who you vote what they are doing and how they are helping you. But right now we need to remove the control of these fake Witnesses

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What they want to do is hard fork our Blockchain so power downs take just a few days - so the exchanges that put them in that position of power and never should have used the funds of it's users to vote Witnesses on a decentralised blockchain..OUR decentralised blockchain - might get their funds back before they notice. I don't know about you, but if someone took my money and locked it up for 13 weeks WITHOUT ASKING IF THEY COULD I would be pretty annoyed - and if they get to reduce that power down time with a hard fork they get away with it - right now effectively they have stolen money for 13 weeks - and this is why they are so desperate to get the full top twenty positions, pass a hard fork so they can Power Down and get it back. Personally I want to see them taking responsibility for what they have done, keep our Witnesses in and make sure these exchanges are held accountable for their actions. Because if you hold crypto on any exchange - if this passes without any retribution it could happen again. It will be free run for exchanges to do what they like with your crypto, take over what they like - lock up your funds for months or years with a read the small print disclaimer. In many ways this is not so much about #steem but much more about what an exchange can do with the user funds it holds - and how you choose to vote now needs to consider that.

From the do not vote Witness list I have missed @goodguy24 because some how this 4 day old account that has done nothing on the steem blockchain, posted nothing, contributed nothing is actually getting Witness votes from confused steem power holders - some who have been here years! I don't understand the working logic that thinks an empty account set up purely to hijack a blockchain deserves Witness votes having done nothing for the voter or for Steem in general - hopefully they are just confused but really it isn't helping and if you are unsure who you should be voting for feel free to PROXY your votes to me @c0ff33a by using this link https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-proxy?proxy=c0ff33a

I have been watching this circus unfold over the last four days and one thing is obvious, there is far too much negativity and arguing amongst our own ranks - we are all passionate about #steem so let's work together not fight each other! For what it is worth I will tell you now all of our original top twenty Witnesses - and also many more throughout the current dispersed ranks are working every hour, barely sleeping to try and keep our #steem blockchain safe and decentralised. They are passionate and many have been here since it started in 2016, do not be quick to judge how any one of our Witnesses reacts without first thinking how you would feel. They have put everything into #steemblockchain, time, money, blood sweat and tears - it is only to be expected that emotions will overspill when someone tries to rip the heart out of something you worked so incredibly hard to build up.

STOP. Think and rationalise. I will be the first to admit over the years I have said in the heat of an argument things I regret, when something means so much to you then sometimes emotions get the best of us. This is not the time to judge, we need to come together and work together as #steem as an community and also respect the fact our Witnesses need our support at an incredibly stressful time. I believe all our original, long standing and incredibly hard working Witnesses have the best intent for #steemblockchain - and right now they deserve our thanks for the tireless effort they are putting in to make sure it remains our #steemblockchain.

Fun project for the Weekend, do a post with the tag #mysteemwitness mentioning a few of our top thirty REAL Witnesses including what you know about them and why you vote for them. I'll make an effort using time I don't have myself to make sure I vote and comment on them, honestly they are all working exceptionally hard they deserve to know that we all appreciate it.

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Dont sing. You will invite a tornado 😜

Happy 3 year steemiversary!! I hit mine in June!

Excellent post, buddy. The Witnesses do deserve some much deserved Thanks from our Community for the work they put in !!

Congrats on the 3 years mate. You guys have my vote. Thanks to all the witness's. It's a lot of work to keep this chain running smoothly.

Happy Steem anniversary!

I think that in this situation the most important thing is to leave any grudges or differences behind, like you said, we all probably have things we regret and nobody is perfect. I also think our witnesses are doing a great job at fighting for Steem and our community, including you. :)

I appreciate every witness who is putting in hard work, time and effort into this. I hope we can let go of judgement and work this out all together.

Three years in steemit is a milestone. Congratulations @c0ff33a.

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