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#Here comes bue with 32GB RAM, 8 CPU cores dedicated expandable server on Aamazon cloud
I have experience being a witness on Bitshares 1.0/2.0 and MUSE project.

To support the integrity of the STEEM blockchain it is important to have witnesses that have experience and are known to the community. It also helps if they have powerful server:). To this end I am renting a dedicated expandable server on Aamazon cloud. These cloud server can scale with STEEM adoption as quickly as needed.

Component Description
Processor Intel 8 cores
Operating System Ubuntu 16.04
Connection 1x 1Gbit
Hope I can count on your support,




Have you left your voting automated ? Its draining your power, and I think, you can help this community in a lot better way. Could not find any other way to contact you, I m always available on Steemit Chat in the same name.

I run a charity bot, to help minnows, if you will be interested to hear more.

Berrealita kepada bot amal kasihan ikan kecil saya lelah tapi saya optimis berkarya dalam tulisan saya

I don't understand, English only :)

I really need your help, forgive me for being brave, because I do not know how else, because I really need this, if you do not mind me please

Who is Bue? First of all thank you, and second of all, do you have any art for me to do for you Bue?


Just stopping by to say thank you so much!! The support is truly appreciated.

thank you for your vote,, much appreciated

thanks to both of you guys @bunny @bue

Thanks @bunny. Have a groovy day

Bunny what is your real name?

Hey, my system could eventually look like that but, what do witnesses gain??

I mean, is this part of the block-chain that they become? Do they "mine" Steem? Would be nice if you could explain to me :D

thank you very muach

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