Top 20 Witness Forum RECORDING- @andrarchy, @timcliff, @aggroed, @drakos, @elear

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Here's the Steem Witness Forum Video. Had a great discussion around HF20 and what's coming, culture of Steemit, and what the various witnesses are working on.

Thanks @andrarchy for joining us and giving us the update from the Steemit perspective.

Starts right now! We'll be joined by @timcliff, @aggroed, @pgarcgo, @drakos, and @elear. I'm typing while on air!

@timcliff is known for his help on, and his recent work adding to the blockchain code!
@aggroed is founder of the Minnow Support Project, msp-waves, and Steem Monsters.
@drakos is a constant help on and a Witness leading the Minnow Support Community.
@elear is the founder of Utopian-io a project dedicated to spreading and supporting open source development.

Going back on air in about 45 minutes

Minnow University and Curation show starts, then we have a few hours of the Peace Academy.

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Nice .. interesting video..

Wonderful witnesses.

You guys are doing so great contributing in one way or the other on this platform.

@aggroed sometimes I wonder, you are so present in the cyber world, how do you have time to live the real (fleshy) world?

You guys are doing a great job for all of us, plz keep up the good work

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Thanks for all the information. I will keep spreading the good word about Steem.