Toil the Chain - a tribute to the short lived haltening of 2018

in witness •  9 months ago

There are strange things done long past the sun By the those who toil the chain
In your darkest hours and by hidden powers many people help the Steem rain.
On nerves worn thin and a crooked grin the coders cracked their bones
Then mad minds raced and secrets chased for what made fluid turn to stone.

By halogen light and dual screens bright the coders entered the frey
“By the love of the lord and my Steem horde the chain is moving today!”
Those were the cries of the steemit guys who worked way into the night
And slow at first but not stopped by thirst they found some cheer and delight.

For an account was made and anon Steem paid and nijeah came to be
The steem Devs sighed and and the children cried “the fault it lay on he.”
He done bad things thinkin he’ll win a mighty pot of digital gold
But all he got was a Steem chain stopped and an asswhoopin now foretold.

He tried to withdraw with a slender paw steem that wasn’t rightly his
A billion vests on that bet rests but sparks he thought was just fizz.
The Devs they claimed that beauty reigned and a patch so pretty provided
And the witnesses no longer wished for it and acted undivided.

Gandalf shook and first steps he took and the rumbling chain did start
And Tim cliff next with baited breath hit go and unleashed his heart.
We followed suit and soon the loot it all started to flow,
The chain she ran, by teamwork’s hand, and Steemd started to go!

Well I played my role, helped score the goal, and got back in the game,
And I witnessed those who sought and those who fought to keep it all the same.
There are strange things done long past the sun by those who toil the chain,
In our darkest hours and by hidden powers many people help Steem reign.


Poem is based on the cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service.

I’m now running 19.5. Missed 400 blocks like most of the top 20.

Chain is all good. Check @steemitblog for further updates as shit gets real real soon —> appbase —> velocity —> communities —> smts—> moon!

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That was awesome, @aggroed! What a fun way to wrap it all up – makin' art out of adversity. Perhaps that's too strong a word, get my point.

Thanks for doing the good work, Aggz! <3


It just had to be haejin backwards

It took a while before I realized that the the lines rhymed, but the moment I did, I started reading the poem with one of those old fashion voices inside my head;)

Great, good poem congratulations!

Steeemit has just got to be the best blockchain on the planet...
its good to see a united front of developers and witnesses fighting for the sanity and integrity and durability of this blockchain community.
God bless you guys real good. May the reward of being committed to steem reflect in mooning price of steem and steem dollars.

Yours truly wrote a very classic poem... permit me to resteem. ok? Done!

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your poetry is awesome. great post.

This is such a such a creative way of understanding block chain.

The Cremation of Sam McGee is one of my favorite poems. I love the rhythm, and you mimicked it quite well here.

conspiracy theory: nijeah... Naga.... hmmm..


haejin backwards...


really. i totally missed that.... not.


i haven't heard that one for 20 years... actually.




Clever update to a classic, my friend! Well done.

Now that is awesome! Well done team well done!

Ha, love your comical version, dry yet informative!

That was an awesome piece of poetry mate, it gave me the urge to Make a song out of it , haha!

Saludos como minown de steem entiendo que un inversionista judío quería retirarse al ver que su dinero se ve perdido entre tantas bajas. Los principales testigos reaccionaron después de estar viviendo su vida divididos o pendiente de sus intereses.
En todo caso tenemos lo que muchos siempre han dicho debería ser la cadena steem tener una moneda estable por el valor de un dolar. En casi un año en steemit es lo que a veces he escuchado de algunos witness.

Bueno en todo caso alegremonos todos porque hubo humo blanco en la alta gerencia de steemit y que sigan los inversionistas creyendo que es un proyecto factible. ya veremos pronto la respuesta de los chinos...ellos son los que mueven la cuna.

Thank you sir !

And to all of the witnesses who joined forces, and still do on our behalf: Godspeed!! Thank you all and kudos to you we are here to work on the future as a community.